1. D


    First of all my english is not the best in writing. Iam 29 years old and have 3 children. I worked as a pestcontroller and did not work always with the good precautions. In the end of august i woke up with hyper alertness and word find problems. And tingling in my hand palm So i went to the doc...
  2. O

    Research- recording memories and messages for children

    Hello everybody, My name is Olly and I’m currently a PhD Researcher at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, Lancashire (UK). I have a specific research interest in young people who help care for family members who have ALS, and also those young people who are bereaved due to the disease. I have...
  3. G

    Me too

    Hello everyone, About 6 months ago I came upon this site and was blown away by the outpouring of warmth, friendliness, support and wealth of information. You are all wonderful, sharing your stories and experiences for scared 'kids' like me! Thanks to the founders and contributors for this...
  4. S

    Sorry to bother you but need some advice

    Hi Folks, I'm sorry to bother you and take up your time but I'm getting very worried and hoping you can give me your opinion. I am from Belfast in N Ireland and am 35 years old. About 3 years ago I got this 'numb' feeling in the toes in my right foot. I say numb but it wasn't really...
  5. K

    Being Sent to an ALS Clinic

    Hello everyone. I'm new here. My husband has been doing all sorts of tests through his Neurologist because he now has no use of his left arm and losing the ability to move his left leg - and his right hand is starting to tingle. He's had numerous MRI's, CT scans, blood work, etc. and now is...
  6. B

    Confusing symptoms, please advise:

    Hello, I am so interested to read all of your questions and responses. It is so nice to not feel alone. I am 45 yr old Mom of 3... I have had 2 MRI's for suspected MS, the last one was 10 years ago. I have had a tremor in my hands for 15 years. It was ruled out as MS, and told I had a form...
  7. G

    Main Cause of Death

    I am sorry if this post seems rather blunt but I have no idea who to ask a question that just wont go away, its been in my head for months! What specifically do people with MND normally die from. Is it normally respiratory failure? On a percentage basis does this account for 90%, 50% .... if so...
  8. D

    New member

    Hello everyone, I began having weakness in my hands about 3 years ago; noticed first when I had difficulty sliding the slide on my 45 semiautomatic Smith and Wesson. Cramping began about 2 years ago. Fasiculations began in April 2014. Weakness and muscle wasting in hands got worse and by January...
  9. C

    I was praying this wasn't Familial

    My mom was diagnosed in September with no other known relatives with the disease. I felt pretty secure that this was not something that would be passed on to me and my children. However I got word this morning that my mom's sister may have ALS. I am pretty scared. I know that I have a fifty...
  10. L

    Emg 11/9

    I am an occupational therapist that works in a level II acute care trauma center. I am 43 years old. I see PALS in my daily work so I am familiar of the symptoms. I am also a neuro specialist and work with patients with all kinds of neurodegenerative disorders. I am watching my body...
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