1. B

    My kids will be orphans 😕

    Hi. I’m 46 with a 9yr old daughter and identical twin boys who are 7yrs old. Their father died in 2016 and I’ve been diagnosed with MND (ALS) jan 2018. I’m from Australia and my mum passed away November 2018 from MND. I have the gene. I have 5 siblings. Only one other has had a gene check and...
  2. BlsdMama

    Recording tech?

    I'm ready to record with Model Talker, but I'd also like to make some longer recordings of audiobooks of my favorite books I've read the older children - both for my younger ones who are still little and for my grandchildren. I have a PC, iPad, noise reducing headphones... But I want to make...
  3. P

    Scared this Holiday Season

    First, I want to say that I have been to this community off and on for the past week or so and have seen how incredibe you PALS and CALS really are. Thank you for doing something you certainly don’t have to do. This greatly helps people like me looking for some possible insight into their...
  4. D

    Could Familial ALS be eliminated?

    One of my daughter’s first child had Cystic Fibrosis, which is a genetically passed condition. So they could have additional children with NO risk of CF they elected to have In vitro fertilization for the next children. Embryos were created and tested and only CF free embryos were frozen. IT...
  5. T

    Just found out - please help.

    My husband is in his late 40s. We were told yesterday by our regional ALS specialist that he has ALS. I am in shock and devastated. They started him on drugs already and we are getting him a second option in Boston soon. Hopefully next week. I need help putting the next few weeks together. We...
  6. N

    Brian gained his angel wings

    At approx 1:07 this morning Brian went home to be with the Lord. DD and I were at his bedside. He went very peacefully. DS has just left not long before and came back with our call. This coming Jan 17 would have marked 39 years together. Feb 16 would have been 34 years of marriage. We...
  7. C

    Highly likely als

    Hi, this is difficult to write. Our whole world fell apart yesterday at the visit at the neurologist. (Sorry for The not so good english as we live in Sweden.) We went to the neurologist yesterday and there was a also a psychologist present. The doctor said that its higly likely that my...
  8. U

    My mum is it ALS?

    Hi, really looking for ideas about what is going on with my mum. It’s along and complicated story so I’ll try to keep it brief! She’s never been the most healthy of adults. She had a heart attack in her late 40’s, drank too much alcohol and smoked and got little in the way of exercise. She...
  9. M

    My sister and I have the same symptoms at the same time after my father was diagnosed

    Hello everyone, I am from Vietnam. My father 63 years old, was diagnosed ALS 4 months ago. Unfortunately I (33) have symptoms same with my father: such as muscle twitching, feel weak and numb at left hand and leg for 2 months. I think about genetics and I had visited some hospital in Vietnam...
  10. B

    Spiritual smiles cont'd

    :grin: Hi, There Friendly People! I know I'm a bit slow about posting :roll: because I'm working on the "Family Memoir". HOWEVER, I'll try to post "spiritual funnies" when I can. *Just because people are "spiritual" doesn't mean they don't like jokes. They just have to be ones we can show...
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