1. K

    Breathing challenge

    Starting to have episodes where I want to inhale but the muscles aren't responding. I still have about 40 percent lung capacity and use the AVAP all night and several hours during the day but even when it tries to force a breath, my lungs don't always respond. I suspect the end draws near.
  2. sleepy

    Barnaby Joyce agrees to do ice bucket challenge

    Mostly of interest to Aussies... He agreed on the record when asked by our reporter Living with, not dying from MND | The Armidale Express
  3. F

    Initial Commitment of $21.7 Million from Ice Bucket Challenge

    The ALS Association Announces Initial Commitment of $21.7 Million from Ice Bucket Challenge Donations to Expedite Search for Treatments and a Cure for ALS Additional $12.5 Million in Matching Gifts Secured Bring Total Commitment to $34.2 million Washington, D.C. (October 2, 2014)—After the...
  4. E

    Beginning of ice bucket challenge

    ALS recently has gained very much attention through social media and the ice bucket challenge. This challenge began through a man named Peter Frates, who was diagnosed with ALS in the spring of 2012. He was a former college baseball player at Boston College. The challenge started when a...
  5. hn7609

    ALS Walk vs Ice Water Challenge

    Our local walk is coming up at the end of Oct. and I find myself in a bit of a quandary. My wife and I have been active the last 2 years with the walk and have gotten a couple of thousand in pledges each year. This year my old employer is holding a fund raising golf tournament in mid October...
  6. S

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Dads doctor has been great to work with through all of the difficulities of als. He has challenged one of his partners and both of them will be doing the als ice bucket challenge next Tuesday in the parking lot of there office at noon and posted a short video about it on facebook. They have...
  7. AfraidButNotAlone

    ice bucket challenge

    Ice Bucket Challenge Viral on Facebook-Julie and Pete Frates Raise Awareness for ALS - Elle
  8. canmark

    Ice water challenge

    Why Is Everyone in Your Facebook Feed Dousing Themselves in Ice Water?
  9. tomby

    Haiku Challenge

    I've noticed my posts and emails are getting shorter and starting to read like Haiku. Three lines, 5 syll, 7 syll, 5 syll. Now, I have no skill in this area, but there are many talented people on this forum. Here's a couple attempts from me to get the ball rolling. My fat dog snoring, I am not...
  10. L

    toileting challenge

    Toileting is becoming quite difficult. When she has to have a bowel movement, there is very little notice. The transfers are becoming increasingly difficult and taxing on my pals. She does wear a diaper, but it's used as backup only. And the bathroom that is available for her is quite small...