chair lift

  1. KarenNWendyn

    Permobil vs Quantum power wheelchairs

    I posted recently with questions regarding the Permobil F3 (I’m currently borrowing one from my loaner closet and like it so far). That previous thread is here: I did receive a gift of a...
  2. Lkaibel

    A Long, Slow Downhill Roll...

    My husband called me up today at work and said that he was not going to be able to let our housekeeper in because no matter how he tried he would not turn the doorknob. He DID end up getting the door open. A Life Alert is coming our way, and that will have a key box on the front of the door and...
  3. Michellesews

    Maiden Voyage

    Well we finally have the elevator in the garage, the power chair and today I took the Pilot in and had the chair lift installed. I came home and got my PALS and took him out to dinner! It was scary and nerve wracking at first, that big, heavy thing bouncing on the back of the car...but he was...
  4. tomby

    New chair lift

    Chair lift I used last week to get down to the water. A little harder coming back up in the dark, but worth it!:lol:
  5. David

    Bruno Porch Lift

    FOR SALE (just south of Huntsville ON) Bruno Porch Lift 48” rise, right tower, straight on and off. 6 months old, used indoors (from garage to main floor) $2,200 Contact: [email protected] 705 788-0059
  6. M

    Never really prepared

    Although we are told of the obvious outcome of this horrible disease, we are also told about "those that live much longer." Naturally, we cling to the positive, the hope that OUR loved one is going to be one of those. As things start out with light symptoms, you make those smaller adjustments...
  7. M

    Power hour

    So, it has come time to order the " power chair ".....great, bring it on! But wait, how do we get it into the upper level of our split level entry home? They weigh 300+ pounds! We have the chair lift on both sets of stairs already and have no space for a lift for the chair regardless. Does...
  8. T

    Looking for a used van with wheel chair lift

    My brother-in-law is now using his wheel chair full time. He can still transfer from wheel chair to car using a walker, but will probably need the van soon. terrics
  9. arkallen

    Snow Flake

    At 3.00am, at 4.30, 6.00, and then 7.00 we peaked through the blinds in our 'studio chalet' (which sounds just a little oxymoronic: isn't it one or the other?) hoping against hope to see snow! Would our third alpine escape prove as disappointingly snow-flake-free as the previous two? The...
  10. L

    House Help

    Hi, This is my first time posting, but i have been following many of the conversations (which have been very helpful!) as my father was diagnosed with ALS in April 2009. I am an only child and live about 6 hours away from my parents which is extremely difficult. I travel home on weekends...