1. J


    Hello everyone, I was wondering if neudexta is safe to take for an als patient that doesnt have pba. Ive managed to get the medication from someone in the states. My pals is taking amitriptyline pills and cbd oil both for sleep and to help with mucus problems. she is having difficulty talking...
  2. T

    Any suggestions for helping with spasticity?

    Hi - My husband's spasticity in his legs are making him feel like he really cannot walk. We saw his doc. on Tuesday who said the weakness is not as much of a problem as the spasiticity. Any suggestions besides baclofen? He's tried it and it just gives him jelly legs. I'm thinking of cutting...
  3. lgelb

    Sativex (THC+CBD mouth spray) shows spasticity effect in ALS, PLS

    Info on the Phase II trial here. It is on the market already in the UK for MS spasticity. The manufacturer, GW Pharmaceuticals, is negotiating with the FDA toward a US approval, having recently obtained approval for a CBD oral solution for certain forms of epilepsy.
  4. D

    CBD Oil

    Has anyone tried CBD oil for ALS?
  5. C

    Mood changes

    Hi all, This is sort of an update post (last post was in the Newly Diagnosed) but I wanted to move my thread to a maybe more appropriate category. My husband has gotten a second opinion from the chief neurologist at the University of Münster in Germany, where he is from. He was also able to...
  6. C

    Limp onset with possible breathing problem?

    Limb onset with possible breathing problem? my Dad had a hard night last night. He explained it to me as he woke up with twitching in his rib cage and back and shortly after had shortness of breathe. He says he feels today like it’s hard to take a full deep breathe. A side note is that...
  7. KimT


    In February I noticed my right knee started to hurt after exercising in pool. Just sitting on a noodle and peddling it like a bicycle (same as I had been doing for last year). I also continued walking on a treadmill for 10 minutes (1/2 mile) each morning, sometimes on a slight incline to get...
  8. Q

    Do I have ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ) my symptoms and blood tests, help pls

    Age: Turning 22 Height: 5'11" Weight: 147lb, lost 23lb in last 3 months but not entirely sure why, could be just eating less or something less, not sure Gender: Male Medications: No Smoking/Drinking: No Pervious illness: None really, I never got sick other than the "common cold" Duration...
  9. jethro

    Ratio THC:CBD

    i guess you know what i'm writting about. thc, big as one rice grain, makes me sleepy for 2 days and one night. when i fall in sleep, i feel like timber. hence, many pals said that thc is not for als. but, there is a ratio. i heard of 1thc:20cbd. did anybody experienced same problem trying to...
  10. KimT

    Facebook Group Pot for PALS

    If you are interested in ongoing discussions about medical cannabis, there is a new FB Group called Pot for PALS. It is being run by the same person who runs Pills for PALS. I've learned a lot about supplementation from the other group and hope I can contribute something in the new group. I...