1. K

    urinary catheter

    Does anyone have experience with a female urinary catheter? Thanks, Kathy.
  2. D

    What to do now?

    Ok. I think Dad is declining. He is barely eating anything. Maybe a few spoon fulls of soup for lunch and about the same for dinner. Has loose bowels now all the time. really short of breath. Hospice brought out oxygen last night. So now on oxygen during the day and his bipap machine at night...
  3. M

    Neurogenic bladder and issues pooping

    Everything seems to going wrong all at once in the past couple weeks. My mom lost use of both her legs (we are getting a hoyer lift) and we were just starting to nail down a new routine for that. However yesterday I notice she was unable to pee all day. We took her to the bathroom 3 times per...
  4. P

    Condom Catheter

    I am fully paralyzed, in bed 24 / 7 just got a condom catheter, so i dont drive my wife crazy for those experienced with these, how did it work out for u? and did it ever cause a Urinary Track Infection? Thanks, Pat
  5. M

    Feeling overwhelmed

    My sister and I have been caring for my mom with ALS since November. To give some context, we are 24 and 26. Our dad passed away 5 years ago so it's just us. We have no other family to help. We had gotten into a good routine but just recently it seems like things have gotten worse. My mom has...
  6. N

    The end

    Today I had a major setback as both my legs and trunk stopped working, just like that'. Also my breathing muscles are almost completely paralyzed, I have a catheter and briefs as I can't get out of bed. I've decided enough is enough. Early next week I will be checking into the hospice house...
  7. G


    Just keep coming. This is what comes when life is prolonged past the point of any logical reason. We now have a blue stained catheter and drainage bag from some bacteria. Just say no to long-term mechanical ventilation in most instances. DO NOT let a doctor talk you into it. It is a...
  8. A

    Als? My symptoms...

    Hi everyone, my name is Christill and I'm 26 years old, no family history of als. I had a catheter ablation on my heart January 8th of this year and everything went great, after the operation I literally felt like a new man. About 3 weeks ago I started noticing a vibration that would wake me up...
  9. B

    my dad

    Hi, my name is Brittany Hyder. I am 14 years old. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I have 3 nieces and 3 nephews a long with a niece on the way. I have a mother. Most importantly though, I have a father. Most people would expect me to say had due to he has passed but I do not think of him as...
  10. Nuts

    Down and Dirty

    OK gang, I've got potty questions. I've read and read, but somehow I guess I missed something. I considered PMing some of you with these questions, but then remembered how the honest, open, nitty gritty information I found on this site brought me back again and again in the beginning. So...if...