1. quadbliss

    Urine Retention

    Hello everyone, Saturday night I had my first midnight ambulance wild ride to the ER. From about 7 PM to 8 PM I had two Scotch and waters (24 oz. total) through the PEG. About 8 PM I was feeling like I needed to pee, but couldn't. I then had my dinner (24 oz.). Still couldn't pee. I had Jen...
  2. V

    Possible ALS

    Hi all, Forgive the long post. Strange symptoms started in early June 2006. Let me first give some background. I have an anxiety disorder, with occasional panic attacks, and sleep problems. I also have a herniated disc at C-5/C-6. I take medications for the above problems. Xanax for the...
  3. F

    need help subject bladder

    for the past 3 weeks, i have problem urinating. before i go to bed at 10pm, i urinate, when i get up in the morning i have the urge but can't go. i have to drink allot of liquid to start urinating, 17 hours from the last one. once i go i have no more problem until the next morning. this is...