1. C

    dynavox eyemax barely used $1500

    my mother never got the chance to use it so the only time it has been used is when I was trying to figure it out. i'm located in Charleston South Carolina and if you are interested private message me.
  2. Whitsend

    This just in

    By: News 14 Carolina Web StaffBy: WASHINGTON -- Sen. Kay Hagan's TREAT Act heads for the president's desk. The bipartisan legislation puts treatments for serious, rare and life-threatening diseases on the fast track. The bill gives the Food and Drug Administration better access to cutting...
  3. D

    North Carolina Walk

    Just sharing this walk, in case there is anyone from NC interested. I am sure you may already know about it, just wanted to put it out here. Winston-Salem Walk to Defeat ALS®: Winston-Salem Walk
  4. D

    Support Group

    We attended our second support group meeting yesterday. What a greatl bunch of people! Our state regional director for Alabama ALS is at every meeting along with a moderator. This week we had a representative from the PVA there since we have a lot of vets in our group. He was wonderful and...
  5. mommy2boysNC

    Anyone from NC?

    I'm from Raleigh, NC. My father in law has ALS. Anyone with ALS/care giver for someone with ALS/or have a parent with in the area?:smile:
  6. TedH5

    Georgia ALS walk - Saturday Oct 22nd

    For all of you in the state of Georgia or perhaps Alabama or Tennessee or the Carolina's or anywhere else for that matter, please attend the Ga ALS association walk if you can! The CDC will be there and you can register if you have not done so or answer surveys on the registry if you have not...
  7. yar1982mmer

    Prayer For Our Service Members

    Hi Ya'll Our Grand Daughter Melissa and Her Close Friend Steven are both in the U.S. NAVY and just completed two years of training to be Nuclear Power Plant Operators and have been assigned to the USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier. They just started their cross country driving trip from South...
  8. C

    dynavox eyemax

    My mother paid over 10 grand for it and all I'm asking is 4,000..I live in south carolina. Email [email protected] and let me know if you can pay that much or just make an offer.
  9. KC2U2

    Looking for help

    I am a 50 year old father of five grown children with the most wonderful wife ever. We are so proud of all of our children and are especially proud of my three youngest sons, all serving our country in the military. Our youngest, Nolan, is a MP in the Marines currently stationed in North...
  10. T

    Bruno Turny for Sale

    Hey everyone. I do not have ALS but rather spinal cord injury (C6/C7 quad). I am selling my Bruno Turny seat. It is like new and was used in an '06 Tundra (installed last summer but has been out of the truck and in the house for months). It is a beige leather and I can send pics to anyone that...