1. S

    Doctor assisted suicide

    My dad keeps saying he doesnt want to wake up. He hates that he cant do anytjing but is refusing almost all interventions (peg, walker, scooter, wheelchair, etc... he does have a bipap and cough assist but only uses it about 5 hours at night instead of most of the day as per dr). We keep trying...
  2. Nikki J

    Virtual research forum next week

    A two day presentation from Canada featuring some top researchers and doctors Information here
  3. S

    Phlegm issues

    Hi friends! My mom was diagnosed in Feb/17 and seems to have bulbar onset although the doctors haven't said. Her first symptom was hand weakness and now she has slurred speech, decreased FVC and just recently issues with swallowing. We live in Canada and are getting the generic version of...
  4. T

    Afraid of ALS

    Hello, I am very worried because I have symptoms that can be caused by ALS. It all began 3 month ago with sensory disturbances caused by entrapment of the ulnar nerve. I had sensory problems (elbow pain, numb fingers at night etc) and I felt an awkwardness in my right hand. On that occasion, I...
  5. F

    travel health insurance Canada to the USA

    Hi there: My friend has been denied travel health insurance for a visit to the USA from Canada. London Drugs -recommended by the ALS society denied her. She is using a walker and CPAP assist. Does anyone know of an insurer I can approach? thanks
  6. E

    Hello from Edmonton

    Good day everyone, I have joined the ALS society because well it is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. In grade 8 I wrote a paper on woman who asked for the right to die with dignity as this extremely painful degenerative disease took her life. Her story impacted me on so many levels...
  7. T

    Clean emg but still questions

    Hi ! For almost 5 months now my tongue have strange behaviors. It fasciculates, twitches, ans sometimes get stuck between my teeths while i'm talking. I've seen a neurologist last month who tell me that I should have an Emg done. Since then I got fgasciculations everywhere (stress I know...)...
  8. S

    Is it als?

    Hi everyone I'm helmut 38 from Canada. I've been dealing with a lot of symtoms since July. They all came at once. Wondering if anyone can help me out. First I felt off balance like I've drank 3 beers feeling. I can walk with no issues no vertigo..some days are abit better. I have lower...
  9. Firefighter58


    Hello all my name is Al and I was diagnosed with ALS in 2014, was an awful surprise but what can you do, life goes on. A little history about me, I spent 38 years with Mississauga Dept., 15 years as Captain on a Rescue truck, 5 years Captain on an Aerial truck and the rest of my career on a...
  10. Vincent


    I just got back from Toronto where I spent 3 nights in an exclusive hotel recovering from my latest piercing. Yes, I now have a RIG. Which they insisted on calling a PEG. I'm just using it for meds now, but I thought I'd better get it in while it's still an option. Not a pleasant experience but...