1. tamilard

    Shower curtain rods (Canada)

    So a while back we got a ceiling track to use a sling in the shower. Great, except it didn't occur to anyone how we'd be getting past the shower curtain rod to get me on the shower commode (not to mention that the track doesn't actually go over the toilet, and all these other issues that didn't...
  2. ShiftKicker

    For Canadians interested in Radicava

    The CADTH (independent advisory body Health Canada consulted with) has published its recommendations on Edaravone use in Canada based on their research and consultations with ALS patients, caregivers and other health professionals. From ALS Canada The report can be found here...
  3. R

    Worsening Symptoms and Second EMG

    Previous thread: Terrified Bulbar or Limb Onset? Varying Symptoms Sorry for posting again, but I've been having daily crying spells. I've tried to stay off the internet researching my symptoms, since the last time I posted my "Central Sleep Apnea" has seem to resolve after a few rounds of...
  4. K

    Breathing got better?

    My dad was diagnosed this past March with ALS but we are sure he had it for about a year or so prior. He just went back this week for his three month check and his breathing went from 86% to 92%. They said that is rare. Anyone else experience that? With that being side he has become weaker in...
  5. KarenNWendyn

    Question about ALS clinics outside the US and Canada

    Hi all, I’m writing a book on living with ALS. I’m curious if countries besides the US and Canada have a similar clinic set-up to what we have. We have “ALS clinics” which are held approximately every 3 months and are staffed by the attending neurologist and a team of therapists who all see...
  6. I


    Just read about this supplement on here. The thread is closed. Does anyone have any new info on this supplement? It doesn't look too expensive and doesn't seem to have adverse effects. If you are taking it, would you indicate the brand? I'm in Canada. Thanks!
  7. B

    Potential ALS Diagnosis

    Hello all! I'm posting about my Mother-in-law who has received a potential diagnosis of ALS, but is being sent to a specialist here in Atlanta to confirm. It started in June with back pain/trouble walking and a very slight slurred speech. I'm not sure everyone would have noticed her speech at...
  8. F


    Hello everyone, I decided to post here after days of anxiety and depression. I am a 24 year old female. My symptoms started 2 and 1/2 weeks ago when both of my hands cramped. They kept cramping no matter what I did. I then felt sudden weakness. I went to the emergency where they told me to go...
  9. C

    scared and need to vent.

    I have all the symptoms, increasingly bulbar to be specific. I have been in and out of the hospital the past couple of weeks, I have the follow-up appointment with Neuro on Wednesday. The first time he saw me he took ten minutes and then told me it was probably stress. I know why its because I...
  10. L

    Help please on sourcing Nuedexta in Canada

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. My dad has just been diagnosed with ALS, and likely a few years into this devastating disease. Can anyone point me in the direction of how I can obtain the medication Nuedexta? We live in Toronto Canada. He has bulbar onset and saliva and speech is a big...