1. Debbie54


    Hello Everyone, Just letting you all know Matt is going to have a feeding tube put in on the 9th of Sept. He has finally seen the ALS Doctor. The doctor put him on the ALS drug and gave him a motion patch to put behind his ear every three day to help with the drainage.:-D He can still eat some...
  2. ZenArcher

    Let's see how that flies

    I was in one of those moods today so I sent the below letter to CNN, Dateline, Fox News and Nightly News. :twisted:
  3. M

    Inquiry about Blood Tests

    Hello you great people: So...after finally tracking down an MD clinic that does work with ALS patients, I spoke with them found I absolutely have to have a referral from a doctor, regardless of the type of insurance I have. So, I have to go to my normal doctor to get a note saying that he...
  4. A

    Hi - I'm new and scared

    Hi all, I guess the title of my post pretty much explains how I've been feeling lately, wondering whether I have ALS or some other insidious problem. About December of 2006, shortly after my 40th birthday, I started noticing some really strange things happening to my body. I have been hoping...
  5. P

    Calgary Fundraiser