1. A

    Nutrition and Vitamins for those looking for answers

    Hello everyone, I hope my friends here are doing well. I stopped coming here because I don't have an ALS diagnosis. But unfortunately, my problems continue and are still slowly getting worse. My muscle fatigue is pronounced, I have lost control of some of the muscles around my mouth, my muscles...
  2. Barbie

    Camp for Grieving teens!

    I got this email today-- and wanted to share it with all of you. I know there are many children here that are affected by ALS, and maybe if you have a teen this would be a good program for you.
  3. B

    Bereavement Camp

    Without going into the details, my son has reached out to me and asked for help in dealing with his father's death. He has been steadfast in refusing counseling, until this week when he broke down to tell me he needed help. He is 11, soon to be 12. The hospice facility participates in a camp...
  4. arkallen


    They are building me a bus shelter! This is big news; but first to other things. My Favourite Wife and I are blissfully rattling our way south to Melbourne, on a glorious afternoon finally hallmarked Spring after an icy, grey and protracted winter. Generous respite provision for our Little One...
  5. L

    PEG feeding tube surgery. .awful complications

    22-26Aug...been to hell and back this week. no sleep since op for feeding tube 100 hours now can't close right eye see flashing light when do and have to open it many other problems breathing can inhale through nose but exhaling struggle salivated nonstop for hours filled my stomach with...
  6. Bad Balance

    Comfort Thoughts

    I have been asking myself about my recent dreams. The situations vary, but usually I am involved in something interpersonal that is stressful or worrisome. My therapist says that I am revisiting past experiences to improve the outcomes. Offsetting this are memories that give me warm and...
  7. Lavender Lady

    ALS family camp

    this weekend the Washington/Idaho ALSA is hosting a family camp in Lake Chelan. The theme is hawaiin, i think i can handle that. It is mainly geared for the kids. Another blessing, thank you ALSA.:smile: Rox
  8. Tokahfang

    HSP vs PLS: Some General Info

    Being halfway between an HSP and PLS diagnosis, I've had a lot of time to learn the nuances of the two diseases. Since anyone with a generic UMN diagnosis ends up here, this seemed a good place to put up some info. First, the similarities: HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia/Paraparesis) and PLS...
  9. one-of-three

    My teacher, my hero, my DAD.

    hello everybody. ive been lurking the forums a bit for the past few months now. i was hesitant to register but finally got the courage to do it. mostly because i would cry about what i would say or just the thought of writing it down would make me teary eyed. but i needed somewhere to vent with...
  10. T

    Update- Finally a bit of good news!

    Wow we finally have some good news today. Danny's new manual wheelchair will be here tomorrow and he can't wait! Also just found out that CMHC will fund and install our stairlift. Our landlord just has to fill out some papers because it is his house and when I spoke to him about it, he came over...