1. W


    I am a 30 year old male with odd symptoms. I currently have body wide muscle twitching but it's mostly in my calves. This has been going on for about 4 months now. I went to a neurologist, my exam was normal as was the EMG performed on the right side of my body (leg, arm, lower back, neck), and...
  2. M

    Concerned- have read stickies

    Thank y'all for your time, I do appreciate any responses. Approaching 50 and concerned about ALS. Two main symptoms- 2 months so far of unrelenting twitching, no meds, don't drink caffeine, only stressed about this, all minerals/electorlytes checked 1-2 months of cramping Both symptoms are...
  3. KimT

    What makes your fasciculations worse?

    For me it's exercise, stress, and caffeine.
  4. L

    Whirlwind of symptoms

    Hi all. I'm 27 years old and I've had a rough 1.5 months. I know a lot of this sounds nothing like ALS but please bear with me. Around late January, I began having daily headaches for about 2 weeks (I'm not one to ever get headaches). I began to have a lot of brain fog and head pressure at...
  5. F

    I know it is unlikely. What else might it be?

    I am very concerned. **read the sticky** I should definitely start this post by saying that I am 18 and have horrible anxiety about my health. I really really really don't want to show any disrespect by posting about my concerns and I hope no offense is taken by anyone who has or know someone...
  6. P

    Als and what is not Als

    Hello, I am 32 and have a small story to tell. As far as I understood (I have no physiatric background, I am a pharmacist) als never sets on with feelings such as "tired muscle", or pain, or different sensivity than before to touch. Also, I think i have understood that it is a "all or nothing"...
  7. E

    Was EMG done right?

    Hi all, My name is Ariel. I'm 37, male from California. My mother was DX with ALS at 50 (10 years ago). She's still alive but locked in and on a vent. Shortly after her DX I started experiencing whole body fasciculations. I told my Dr about it and my mom's DX. He did a simple reflex and strength...
  8. C

    Upper thigh cramping, weak forearm, and other symptoms

    Hi everybody. I am relatively new to this forum and hope you find this message well. To give you some background about me: I am 29 year old Asian male. For months - and maybe years - I've noticed twitching in my legs, particularly in my thighs. I kind of ignored it as I assumed it was...
  9. B

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    First off, Happy Memorial Day! A HUGE thanks to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country! Let me preface by admitting that I have discovered that I am a huge hypochondriac. I was sick with a upper respiratory spell for a few weeks. Sore throat, terrible coughing, etc...All...
  10. S

    Back again - is this PMA or something else

    Hi all Didn't think I would be back on here but I just can't explain my progressive muscle atrophy on my hands. I read somewhere that first signs of PMA is the hand flattening and thinning out with loss of muscle fibres around fingers. My hands look totally different from a year ago when I...