1. Chincoteaguer

    Curcumin question

    Our clinic doctor prescribed Curcumin (we use Theracurmin) several weeks ago. 90 mg twice per day. He increased the doses to three times a day on our last clinic visit and indicated that my wife could take 180 mg twice per day instead of 90 mg three times a day. I noticed that my wife...
  2. F

    Hello friends, and also, tube burping?

    hi all! :) As I've said in a couple prior posts, I'm new here, and new to ALS forums and discussions in general. It's been such a revelation to me (and at times made me emotional) to read many of your posts - I can relate. One thing I have never heard of is "tube burping", I saw it in a closed...
  3. J

    How my mom went

    My mom passed away in June, less than 2 years after diagnosis. I honestly do not think it was the ALS that finally took her but I guess it could have been. She got a feeding tube 1 year earlier even tho she could still swallow, because they recommended getting it early while it wouldn't be...
  4. chally

    Peg burp

    When either flushing or feeding does any one experience air burping out the tube when ya first open it up. My cals concerned, I think it's just a burp instead from the mouth it comes out the tube. Any experience here? Love ya all. Chally
  5. R


    Hi guys, Bit of a long-time lurker, first time poster. I'm a 22 year old male and have tried not to post but i've started to get quite concerned with my symptoms. It all started a couple of months ago when i acquired an infection, was on antibiotics for a couple of weeks and it didnt really...
  6. T

    Ongoing nightmare

    Dear all, ty in advance for taking the time to read my thread, i appreciate it. I'm very ill with little to no answer why. My symptoms began in feb. 2014 with a major panic attack followed by the unleashing of several symptoms- back of the head pressure, trouble swallowing, ears feeling...
  7. chally

    Dirty birds

    Tongue twister to exercise the mouth,tongue,& what not. There were thirty dirty birds sitting on a curb chirppin and a burping and eaten dirty earth worms. Along comes Herbie from thirty third and third, seeing those thirty dirty birds sitting on a curb chirppin and a burping. Boy wasn't he...
  8. Michellesews

    Deep, repetitive burping

    Is this another symptom of ALS? My husband has been diagnosed with ALS and he has begun burping...deep burps that go on and on. Is this something to do with the diaphragm? Thanks in advance for any information you can share. Michellesews
  9. S

    ALS? bulbar?lower motor?

    I have had pin and prick and insect crawling symptoms a couple of years back. I have had difficulty swallowing a few years and burping and chest pain. My right side of the body feel weak have chest (specially on the right).. have attributed them in GERD/gastro type of problem for years (feels...
  10. S

    Hello everyone read the stickies but would love some advice.

    Hello! I appreciate everyone's time and hate to come under an umbrella of 'oh it's one of those!' But I do have genuine concern. I've had very bizarre issues and some follow and some do not follow a 'general' path. I noticed looking back foods I was used to all of a sudden gave me diarrhea...