burning eyes

  1. L

    Looking for opinions.

    Hello, I am new here. I read all of the information posts at the top of this board. I know that nobody here is a doctor or has the ability to diagnose anybody with ALS. I don't mean to anger anybody by asking my following questions, I am just concerned. For the last year I have dealt with so...
  2. HalsWifeFran

    Burning and stinging eyes, Bipap Mask breakdown

    I think we have a solution for the stinging and burning eyes that some PALS experience. Hal had been experiencing this for a while. His eyes were red and sore, but no crust or other signs of eye infection. Initially he was wiping his eyes all day. It got worse, plus he got weaker, so I took over...
  3. B

    eye problems

    My husband is having a severe problem with burning eyes. Does anyone else with als having this problem? Bev
  4. myooshka

    burning eyes/pressure headache

    has anyone found they have burning in their eyes? I'm not sure if it's a nerve thing. Has anyone had or heard of pressure headaches related to mnd? For about a year and a half before I first got sick I had extreme pressure on the right side of my head. I would get this pressure feeling that...