1. worrieddaughter77

    Does slow speech precedes slurred speech and disphagia and other bulbar symptoms?

    My dad was diagnosed with "definitely MND, probably ALS" with bulbar onset last week. As I learn more about the disease, I also look back to see if I remember when my dad's first symptoms started. It was 9 months ago that he started slurring some consonants for the first time. But it was...
  2. J

    Bulbar issues??

    Ok. For the last 3 months I have noticed something different with my speech. I seem to have to try harder to enunciate words correctly. Before this I never even paid attention. I also have noticed my jaw seems loose. When I lay down my jaw flops to the direction I'm laying and it's very hard to...
  3. S

    Respiratory onset?

    Hello, I am 18 years old from India. My symptom is breathing problem. When I lie down I don't inhale properly, like shallow breathing because of this I can't fall asleep. I feel anxious. Sometimes I feel my head isn't getting blood. My lungs feel weak, I run out of breath while talking easily. I...
  4. N

    My Dad has progressive bulbar Palsy

    Hi everyone, I wrote a couple of posts back in May after Dad's initial diagnosis but havent wrote anything since. Im having a bad day today so im hoping it might help. As I said my 63 year old Dad was diagnosed with MND in May but its only recently that it has been confirmed that he has...
  5. C

    My dad

    Today my dad, his name is Lloyd, admitted that he could no longer use his hands. We have been struggling with this since December. First the right hand now the left. The right hand took about 6-8 months to be completely unusuable. However, the left hand was completely fine until 2 weeks ago...