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    What is the horse ness like with Bilbao onset? I’ve had twitching for 4 months with no muscle failure but I am horse now but I’m wondering if it’s allerogoes or a mild cold or bulbar?
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    Bulbar ALS?

    Thanks to you all for taking the time to read this post and answer my questions. I'm a 42 year old Male. For the past month my tongue has felt extremely swollen and sometimes sore towards the back. Occasionally I will get tingly/crawling feelings on the side. It is difficult for me to...
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    aussie research leaps

    Some of you know of Neale Daniher who is a bulbar onset PALS and started the Big Freeze to raise awareness and money to fight MND. This is what is happening with the money at the moment...
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    Worsening Symptoms and Second EMG

    Previous thread: Terrified Bulbar or Limb Onset? Varying Symptoms Sorry for posting again, but I've been having daily crying spells. I've tried to stay off the internet researching my symptoms, since the last time I posted my "Central Sleep Apnea" has seem to resolve after a few rounds of...
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    C9 carrier with possible symptoms

    Hello everyone! This ended up being a very long post so I I'm going to put a tldr at the end for those of you with limited energy. This is my first post here and as a c9 carrier I will likely be lurking around for a while as it is the most comfort I have found so far. I want to say thank you...
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    Is this Bulbar PLS/ALS?

    Hi so to start with I’m male age 26 So a few months ago I got rapid heartbeat tachycardia (I know not often a symptom of MND), They found no cardiac explanation, then started getting muscle twitches which I still get sometimes, again no obvious explanation. I noticed a panting in my throat...
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    Hey everyone, thanks for reading. I am a 24 year old girl, no family history of ALS. I KNOW that I have health anxiety but I can’t seem to shake the idea that what I’m experiencing might be ALS. So two weeks ago I was home and my finger was twitching. Naturally I panicked and googled and ALS...
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    Very Concerned about Bulbar

    Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this and giving me your thoughts and insight. Please know that it is truly appreciated. I have read the stickies, but still have some questions. I am a 40 year old male. I began with a twitch in my left bicep in early December 2018, but the...
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    Young male bulbar symptoms

    I posted two years ago but was unable to post on that thread but it had been closed. During the time between then and now for the most part I was able to move on from my fears of ALS. However that has changed recently as I have developed a mild slur, not noticed by normal folks but was...
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    My husband has bulbar ALS .The DR has upped his dosage of Baclofen to 5 times a day.He is considerably weaker taking after taking them.Anyone else .Thank you .