bulbar pals

  1. C

    Dysphagia/Respiratory onset

    Hey guys, first of all, I'm very sorry for all your struggles with ALS and I do not wish anyone to have this terrible disease. About me, I am very scared of ALS for like 3 weeks now. It all started about 9 months ago. I've started having very strong coughing issues while eating/ even drinking...
  2. B

    Possible Onset Bulbar Palsy

    Hello ALS community, my name is Bill. First I would like to say how saddening it is to read people's stories and how brave they are fighting the various symptoms of ALS or other MND's. Good luck and God bless to all of you. My symptoms actually started about 8 months ago wo even knowing it, I...
  3. N

    My Dad has progressive bulbar Palsy

    Hi everyone, I wrote a couple of posts back in May after Dad's initial diagnosis but havent wrote anything since. Im having a bad day today so im hoping it might help. As I said my 63 year old Dad was diagnosed with MND in May but its only recently that it has been confirmed that he has...
  4. R

    bulbar palsy

    My husband has been diagnosed with bulbar palsy. Wondering if there are any new treatments known or if anyone has had stem cell treatment for this disease. He has trouble swallowing and it takes him a long time to eat meals. Is anyone aware if heavy mercury levels can cause this disease?
  5. S

    Concerned about Bulbar Onset

    Hello, I'm a 26 year old male experiencing some bulbar symptoms. I currently have an appointment with my doctor next Tuesday, but I wanted to get an idea of where I'm at. For a while I was having problems where my tongue felt odd, almost numb. Out of the blue about two weeks ago, I started to...
  6. K

    Question about bulbar palsy

    Hi, I am new to the forum. My uncle is scheduled to see a neurologist, but we are thinking the diagnosis may be ALS. I was just wondering if anyone had had a similar experience, we are trying to cope but are beside ourselves at the moment. He has had numbness in hands and vertigo for only a...
  7. jamiem

    Pseudo Bulbar palsy

    I have been diagnosed with Pseudo Bulbar Palsy in Feb 12 with negative EMG involvement. I desperately need medicare as I am having problems swallowing, breathing, and speaking. I will have a second EMG on Aug 23 and my insurance with my previous employer will end on August 31. I do not know...
  8. W

    bulbar palsy

    Hi I am new. I am worried. my mother had PBP and passed away in 2000. The last few months I have had difficulty with swallowing, and now my speech is difficult. I have read lately MND or ALS is genetic. Maybe I have it? Just need some help and support, feel so alone. My husband died in a car...
  9. B

    Bulbar Pals

    Hey just recently cleared 100% of LIMB ONSET ALS- due to fasciculations at random all over my body at different times and places and NONE In one spot that stays. My emg was clean- Nothing was found- 1 fasic which showed as normal no other potentials etc. Now I am freaking out over BULBAR...
  10. M

    pseudo bulbar palsy

    My husband was recently diagnosed with ALS. In late October, 2007 his speech became increasingly slurred. By February, his speech had virtually disappeared. He now communicates by writing on a white board. His entire right side is weakened, and he finds it increasingly difficult to walk. He...