1. KimT


    In February I noticed my right knee started to hurt after exercising in pool. Just sitting on a noodle and peddling it like a bicycle (same as I had been doing for last year). I also continued walking on a treadmill for 10 minutes (1/2 mile) each morning, sometimes on a slight incline to get...
  2. T

    The passing of my father

    This is to my father who passed away on July 25, 2018 at he the age of 52 from ALS. I am sad to say the I have not seen my dad in over 2 years and will surely miss him. The last time I talked to him was last year and the last thing I remember talking to him about was did you get snow where he...
  3. L do I do this?

    Hello I am new here so Im grateful to anyone who takes the time to respond. I am not yet a caregiver but will be here soon. My mom has ALS or PLS the doctors cant seem to decide. It is progressing wildly. She is in a wheelchair, has lost fine motor control in her hands and is having trouble...
  4. G


    My brother died last year 10/31/2017, from ALS w/FTD he was 56. His ALS started in 2012 with a small fasciculation in his upper arm. At the time he was a airline pilot, he went to the Dr. and was told it was stress related. The FTD was more of a problem than the ALS and he eventually lost his...
  5. T

    My mother's mental state... she is so cruel.

    My mother was diagnosed last year. The majority of her body has succumbed to ALS. She can still speak, move her left arm, and her neck. Over the past few weeks, her mental state has changed. She has always been someone who speaks her mind, and in some cases - should not - but rarely to...
  6. pdcraig

    What now?

    Just rambling. Today was 3 weeks since Ferd died. I've been trying to get the thank you cards done and have been in tears all weekend. I got the online stuff finished but the cards are still waiting, Not sure what it is about them that is so hard but... Getting his things together and doing the...
  7. L

    My Dad Died April 9th

    It has been such a busy time and I hadn't had a chance to post earlier. He was diagnosed 3/23/2017 and progressed rapidly. By May 2017 he was on AVAPS, July 25th he got a feeding tube and by December he had pneumonia and after being intubated for a couple of weeks went home on the Trilogy. He...
  8. S

    SEFEENE's thread --Is it all in my head

    Hi just joined today. My father died three years ago in May from ALS, then a year ago his brother died from ALS i just found out 2 of my great uncle's died also from ALS I am a 47 year old woman and in the last year or so I have had some weird things happening to me sometimes my speech is...
  9. J

    new treatments

    My husband died at age 60 from ALS with FTD in 2008. His brother died a few days ago. he was 66 and he had the same symptoms but was never diagnosed. Are there any new treatments for this?
  10. V

    Familial ALS ruled out?

    Hello, I am new here, so please bear with me if I break any rules, and feel free to delete this thread. My grandfather passsed away aged ~65 from ALS after having been ill for 4 years. His brother still suffers from ALS, but he was diagnosed much earlier, almost 20 years ago. His illness moves...