1. J

    Two months yesterday

    Hi, Just looking for someone to talk to. I feel so depressed the past few days. I mean I've been sad and have my moments but it just feels like it's taken over my body. I keep picturing Jay when his breathing slowed and then his final breath. I go to work every day and then to go to my...
  2. N

    Looking to buy used Bipap S/T

    My friend of 30+ years just got diagnosis of ALS. He lives in Russia and his breathing started to be affected. Doctor said he can use bibap S/T at night. Unfortunately waiting line to get this machine in Moscow long and new are too expensive. I was trying to find online used and cheaper and...
  3. Erika

    More changes as the end gets closer :(

    My mom has been sleeping most of the day since september 15 after a crisis with secretions and saliva where we used the coughing assist. She was able to stay awake for about the time when my brother came to visit about 10 days ago. :) But every day after that, its harder and harder for her to...
  4. D

    Crappy clinic and trilogy questions

    Had clinic day yesterday, first time in 5 months. Hubby has said he feels a little short of breath lying down so he wanted to check that out. Turns out his numbers have to plummeted since our last appt. he was over 100% and now is in the 70s. Very discouraging. RT said he needs to start...
  5. T

    Muscle Weakness

    Hi all, I'm a 23 year old male and I started experiencing symptoms about a month ago. It started with abdominal pain which I was then sent for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. During the prep for the colonoscopy I started noticing back pain and other body pain but was told this was normal. After...
  6. N

    Upper neuron positive test.

    Hi , I will work my doctor to get to neuro asap. But until then I want to ask. Can you have a group of sign without having damage. I mean I had hyperreflexia withouth cremasteric and and abdominal reflex. Neuro told me I had upper neurone damage. But they found nothing. With experience can you...
  7. S


    I have a dumb question, and I really don't even know how to address it. Does COPD make ALS progress faster and does it make their breathing harder? My dad is borderline COPD, when he exerts himself, as in walking with his walker, he is really breathing heavily.
  8. S

    Respiratory onset?

    Hello, I am 18 years old from India. My symptom is breathing problem. When I lie down I don't inhale properly, like shallow breathing because of this I can't fall asleep. I feel anxious. Sometimes I feel my head isn't getting blood. My lungs feel weak, I run out of breath while talking easily. I...
  9. N

    My Dad has progressive bulbar Palsy

    Hi everyone, I wrote a couple of posts back in May after Dad's initial diagnosis but havent wrote anything since. Im having a bad day today so im hoping it might help. As I said my 63 year old Dad was diagnosed with MND in May but its only recently that it has been confirmed that he has...