breathing issues

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    3 months to live

    I have concluded it is best to always be prepared for dying with a will etc., having things in order at any age, but not to prepare because you are given a death sentence. It is no different than death row to me. With 1 to 3 months and a 2nd opinion of 3 months it does not bring any calmness to...
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    Shocking/Devistating News

    Hello everyone, today is a sad day. I am at the Mayo clinic for a second look opinion on my diagnosis of ALS. Well my family and I met with the nerologist (no names for protection) told him my story of starting symptoms on 9/25/06 till now being wheelchair bound. I also told him of my recient...
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    ALS Concerns-Limb weakness?

    Hi Dear All! I had posted that intro before but just for your reference: My story (Male 41) started last June with widespread fasciculations you could feel and see all over the body and mild leg/hand/feet cramping (like you have some kind of heavy limbs!). Also felt some weakness in left arm...
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    Hi guys, Still waiting on emg hoping to get in earlier as neuro report to gp was not good and breathing issues worse. I guess I failed the exam you might say! Did not pass with flying colours and after a lengthy report from neuro finishing line was "UNFORTUNATELY patients signs and symptoms...
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    Saw Neuro Tuesday

    Hey there everyone, Saw neuro on Tuesday and I must say firstly she is a very nice person but most importantly she is very good. I can see she is very thorough and is going "cross all the t's and dot all the i's." She ordered a blood test for everything under the sun including myasthenia...
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    New to group: Question on sleeping

    My 78 year old mom has been recently diagnosed with ALS. We saw some symtoms last October and now she is confined to a wheel chair. She has no use of her legs, some swallowing and breathing issues but the biggest issue is sleeping. I know it's common from reading some threads but her issue...