1. Barbie

    How do you tell the kids?

    Hi everyone, this is the first time I have ever participated in a forum. I have been reading some of the posts here and have had a good cry already. we all sound so patheticly in the same terrible boat and I can relate to so much of what is being said and am so scared because I know what is...
  2. S

    Advice Please

    Hi all, hope you're all feeling ok. My Mother was diagnosed as having MND today (or they're 98% sure at least) and although we suspected it for some months, it's still a horrible shock. The doctor said that a scan on her brain showed no abnormalities, but I thought MND didn't manifest itself in...
  3. W

    Life Expectancy Statistics

    I'm sure everyone has seen (and been quoted) the life expectancy statistics for PALS. (i.e. 50% die within three years) I'm wondering whether anyone has access to a more detailed analysis. I would like to know how they vary by age. For example, I'm 41. What is my life expectancy. I know it...