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    Worried sick about my son in law could this be als

    Hi im just looking for some advise , My son in law is 26 was very fit caring for severely disabled ppl for the last 7 years. About a year ago he started feeling vibrations in his legs but was still getting around. Over the last couple of months it has become where he isnt managing to stand...
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    MRI and now call with doctor

    So my Dad was called for another MRI of his brain 7 months after ALS diagnosis. That was 2 weeks ago. The neurologist said she wouldn’t call if nothing shows up. Today her office called and asked if my Dad was available for a phone call from the neurologist tomorrow at noon. Does anyone have...
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    Please help set my mind at ease.

    Last December I noticed that my lower arms, wrists and fingers felt a bit weaker. I seem a lot more clumsy with my hands, knocking things over often and dropping things a lot. I went to the doctors and she did a standard neuro test that was normal. Pushing on her hands, squeezing her fingers...
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    brain donation for research

    my plan was to donate brain and spinal cord for research. However, it seems the Az research facility, barrow neurological, is no longer taking donations directly. does anyone else plan to donate, and if so, where? how?
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    Advice on symptoms - "weak" leg & twitching

    Hi All, Like many others on here, I have tried to avoid posting for as long as possible but would really appreciate your views on my symptoms based on your experiences. From what I have read, this site is a tremendous support and your are all very generous with your time. My summarized story...
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    Question about Bulbar

    I really didn't want to post on here because I know those confirmed with this horrific disease have alot more on their plate. But I also recognize it is a great resource with alot of Knowledgeable people. A little about me, 42/m very active and big into fitness and bodybuilding most my life...
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    A Complicated Case

    Good afternoon. My name is John Marburger. I am 42, a retired Naval Officer and cancer survivor with some oddities at that go along with it. Apologies in advance for the length of this post and MANY thanks in advance for those of you reading or responding to it, especially those fighting this...
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    Newly diagnosed with MND/probably ALS but have questions

    Hi there – I am a 53 year old female and was recently diagnosed with MND, probably ALS, after two abnormal EMG’s in December. I have had blood work for the usual things (all negative) and MRI’s for the spine and brain (also negative). My only presenting functional issue is weakness in my...
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    Questiion about EMG

    Hello to everyone there fighting dificult times. I Am a 46 year old woman from Spain Who has some symptoms and has some doubts about if these could be of ALS. I Will try to tell you my story short so as not to bother you with boring details. In September 2017 I started having pain and...
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    Stressed and worried over symptoms

    Hello All, Over the past month I have had some crazy stuff happen to me that really has me stressed out and terrified. Let me start by saying that I have always been an anxious, worrying person but it hasn’t really had any impact on my physical health (at least until this last month). I am just...
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