1. Jackfishem

    Long term care insurance

    My mom passed away in January of 2017 after a year long battle with ALS. Her brain was autopsied and markers of the c9 mutation were found. Now that I know what to test for, I would like to have genetic testing done. I know I need to obtain long term care insurance before the testing and would...
  2. C

    Follow Up from April

    Circling back around - my original thread was closed. I saw the neurologist in April who did a basic exam and based on my history ordered another MRI of my brain and spinal cord with contrast. The results came back...
  3. N

    Strange symptoms and dirty EMG

    Hi Hoping to get some knowledge from experienced people on the results and symptoms I've been having for 2 months. 35 female, only started worrying about ALS when looked up fasciculations online. Bad idea. May-June -twitching in abductor digiti mini muscle, left. Which moves pinky side to...
  4. C

    Abnormal EMG - Feedback Appreciated

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking for a while now but decided to post today after my EMG results came back in. I would like to preface by saying that I really appreciate anyone's feedback. No matter the outcome of my situation, this process has really opened my eyes and encouraged me to get more...
  5. F

    Upcoming EMG + Trouble Walking

    Hi! First post here. Thank you for your insight in advance. I'm female, 35 years old. Please bear with me as I try to walk you through what's been happening. For the past 18 months, I've been experiencing strange "episodes" of muscle sensations. They usually come on slowly and last for several...
  6. K

    Enhanced Sense of Smell

    Not sure if it is because I am using the tube more or if it is ALS lurking in new parts of my brain but my sense of smell has become ridiculous. My husband thinks I am part bloodhound. It is both good and bad smells. Has anyone else noticed this? I keep wiping down surfaces in my kitchen...