brain atrophy

  1. Nikki J

    MRI findings and FTD variants

    I found this really interesting ALS Research Forum | Brain Atrophy Patterns Support Distinct Subtypes of Frontotemporal Dementia
  2. P

    2 days since being diagnosed

    I dont know why but Im not wholly convinced. A couple of days ago my father got diagnosed at the age of 56 with ALS, apparently his EMG NCS showed this to be the case. The facts are : He had a fall about 6 months ago and he couldn’t walk on his left leg properly, this got progressively worse...
  3. G

    Questions regarding Brain Atrophy?

    My husband was diagnosed with PLS 5yrs. ago. He had all the tests that they put one through and he had a brain MRI at that time. His symptoms started in his right leg with his knee kicking back when he walked. Since then he has weakness in both legs, clonus in both feet, weakness in both his...
  4. E

    About Brentonjb

    It seems almost unreal that almost three weeks ago "ALS" was not even in my vocabulary. Not I am, admittedly, frantic and desperate for answers. Yes, I know we should be asking the doctor. However, I feel like the time until the next appointment is almost too much to bare. I feel like I am...
  5. Craig Mattice

    Diagnosis Netherworld Again!

    Just received and read my neuro's notes from my evaluation visit. Now HSP is "suspect" and we may have in the "differential," meaning mix of conditions to consider, spinocerebellar atrophy. As posted in another thread, I'm not willing nor in a position to fork out $1,000 for a $7,000 genetic...