1. NothingButLove

    ResMed AirFit F20 Small Mask for CPAP/BiPAP/Trilogy

    ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Small Mask for CPAP/BiPAP/Trilogy This is a used mask and was worn for 2 months. $16 shipped to the US. Rob
  2. L

    For Sale: Tobii I-12, ResMed AirCurve, Hill-Rom Cough Assist

    I’m selling my dad’s equipment at a good price and will donate the money to our local hospice center. Buy it all or separately. 1. Tobii Dynavox with eye tracking and Windows 10. Comes with Connect It floor mount AND wheelchair mount. Mounts never used; Tobii only used during initial demo...
  3. Kristina1

    where do you store trilogy on permobil pwc?

    I don't use bipap during the day, but looking to the future, I noticed the permobil PWC loaner I have has no storage place where you could put the trilogy if you were using it in the wheelchair. I'm told the PWC they are ordering for me through insurance will be similar to this one. So once...
  4. B

    Constant use of Bipap machine

    Hi Everyone, Haven’t posted in about a year. My father was diagnosed approx 18 months ago with ALS and he is in the final stages. He has trouble holding up his head, can barely walk on his own, not eating anymore on his own and getting all his nutrients from a feeding tube. Just this week his...
  5. Kristina1

    Getting bipap

    Update, they are ordering bipap for me now! Finally had that visit with pulmonary, supine fvc was 48%, down from 64% in June, so I won't have to argue with insurance after all. Oddly my upright fvc is unchanged and pretty good at 75%
  6. L


    My PALS aspirated his yogurt a few days ago. This is our first trip to the ER because of this. They are doing breathing treatments and suction every four hours. Doing IV antibiotics. SATS staying around 90 until last night when he wouldn’t use his bipap and he was in the 80’s. My daughter came...
  7. M

    Restless at Night

    My PALS was diagnosed in May 2017. He has ALS/FTD, feeding tube placed in May with continuous feed, Bipap starting in May at night, is all upper body and can still walk but will assistance. When he received the bipap he immediately adapted to it and slept twelve hours the first night. In fact...
  8. N

    Need help with Avap setting

    I got best friend in Russia with ALS 60 years old guy and send him Respironics Legacy Series BIPAP last year (thank you for advise from forum). They had doctor who recommended setting. Everything was great. Than recently doctor change settings (increased) and quit the job. My friend realize in...
  9. K

    Similar stories

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read. I posted a couple weeks ago about my mom who is progressing rapidly. She is continuing to progress after her diagnosis on August 24. Most of her words are not audible now and she is getting weaker with transfers from bed to chair etc and is...
  10. K

    A question about a new diagnosis

    I have been waiting for our official diagnosis from and ALS specialist/neurologist to post and we got it last Thursday so here I am. My mom was her normal awesome self in April this year. In May we noticed she was slurring her words and she had a couple of falls while cleaning the house. In...