bilateral clonus

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    Cramps in Feet and Legs

    Just recently, I have started having painful cramps in the bottoms of my feet (muscles or tendons pull from my big toes all the way down to my heels along the inside edge of my arches) and also in my right calf. They have woken me up at night but I also have them during the day. Lately when...
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    Scary Respiratory Symptoms

    Has anyone experienced this? It is getting harder and harder for me to sleep at night. Even though I prop myself up in bed with several pillows (I am almost in sitting position), my breathing muscles do not seem to work right. It almost feels as if my lungs are going to sleep. I get a...
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    Need help understanding Pulmonary Function Test

    I had a Pulmonary Function Test in 2005 and just had another one a few weeks ago (Oct.2009). I am wondering if anyone can help me understand the results. Conclusions of 2005 Test: "The FVC,FEV1/FVC ratio and FEF25-75% are within normal limits, but there is curvature to the flow volume loop...
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    Sound like ALS?

    I have had both upper and lower motor neuron symptoms, including bilateral clonus, hyperreflexia, tingling, and muscle twitching. My neurologist did a skin biopsy which was normal. My MRI was normal, though it was done on a 1.5T machine without contrast. My EMG results showed "the bilateral...
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    Meaning of Absent Bilateral Peroneal F-Waves?

    My EMG results showed that "the bilateral peroneal F-waves are absent" and "the EMG of the right deltoid showed a few polyphasics with a few narrow units." My neurologist did not explain what either of these phrases meant; I had requested a copy of the physician notes and read them myself. Do...
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    Bilateral Clonus and Hyperreflexia

    Are bilateral clonus and hyperreflexia signs of ALS?