bidet toilet

  1. B

    Best bidet toilet seat?

    Ever since I've had that experience in Tokyo, I've always wanted one. Simply because it makes everything easier when I have my 'toilet business'. My brother is diagnosed with ALS and he's on wheelchair ever since and I think this would make it easier for him as well. I came across this article...
  2. M

    We are willing to negotiate pricing in the hope that another ALS patient can afford

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping you can help by letting others know that these items are available. The following equipment and accessories are available for immediate placement and we are willing to negotiate pricing in the hope that another ALS patient can afford them. Equipment #1 Permobil C300...
  3. canmark

    Bidet toilet seat

    I’m thinking of getting myself a bidet toilet seat. Does anyone have recommendations for brands/models? I normally use a wheeled commode chair which is rolled over the toilet (with the seat up) – would this still work with the bidet toilet seat?
  4. W

    bidet that works with shower/commode chair

    Hey all! Has anyone figured out a bidet toilet seat that can work together with a shower/commode chair. Many have controls on the side but some are remote. The electronics are at the back making it difficult to roll the shower commode chair over it. So If anyone has figured out the right...
  5. W

    Are Attachable Bidets the Best Option?

    Once you have decided that you want to buy a bidet for your bathroom, the next decision that you need to consider is whether you should install a traditional stand alone bidet or an attachable bidet, which is a bidet seat that attaches to your normal toilet for combined use. Both of these bidet...
  6. W

    Bidet Toilet Seat Maintenance

    If you are thinking about buying an attachable bidet toilet seat, one of the worries that you may have relates to maintenance for your toilet seat bidet. Are you worried about how much maintenance goes into having such a toilet seat bidet? If so, then here are the answers that you seek. Just...
  7. W

    Cleanliness And Bidet

    If you speak to a proctologist, a physician or a gynecologist about the benefits of the attachable bidet toilet seat, you will probably hear a lot about the benefits that they can afford you. Using a bidet to wash yourself after you use the toilet is beneficial to both your health and your...
  8. rcharlton

    Hands-free toilet

    Well - I knew my self wiping days were numbered. I had looked into the hands free bidet toilet seats by Toto and BioBidet - but at $400-$1000+ they were more than I could afford. I would also need a special AC outlet installed in the bathroom - more expense and hassle The seats looked cool...