1. S

    A little light on the subject...

    I have been doing well these last few weeks/months with my anxiety and avoiding "lurking" on the forums. I have had follow ups with my neuro and have had clean clinicals everytime! Have been diagnosed with BFCS and was prescribed some meds which even has made my twitching s little better...
  2. G

    CK testing

    Hey guys I know I said I was not planning on posting here again and I'm sorry if this seems like a mundane question. Quick background for those that don't know I have had buzzing, twitching, spasms, and some mild cramping. As well as some fatigue. Saw my neurologist and he gave me a full exam...
  3. B

    Wife and I - Similar Symptoms within Weeks: Viral Origin?

    I'm a 56 year old M.D. 2 months ago, my wife, also 56, noticed a fasciculation in her thumb which has progressed to bilateral calf, foot, buttock, and to a lesser degree, abdominal twitches with some calf cramping. No weakness. Neurologist was not impressed, no EMG done. About 6 weeks after...
  4. L

    question to wright: a scary study on fasciculations and cramps developping to ALS

    dear wright: there are four cases with BFS/BFCS with clean EMG developping ALS later on. Any comments on this would be appreciated: SpringerLink - Journal of Neurology, Online First? best wishes
  5. Zaphoon

    Ever Seen This Scenario?

    I asked my new neurologist (old one retired...) if what I have could be a case of BFCS (benign fasciculation cramp syndrome) instead of PLS. The old guy said no and the new guy said, "Ummmm, maybe but in either case, it's not something that is curable." Slap me and wake me up! I'm so...
  6. Zaphoon

    I'm Taking The Day Off Today

    I over did it yesterday and my right arm is toast. Luckily, I don't have anything on my planner today, anyway. Tomorrow is another very busy day with a church that has about 8 pianos for me to tune. It's too much for me to try and get done in one day and hopefully my arm will have recovered...
  7. Zaphoon

    Just Back From Another Neuro Appt

    No appreciable change. Looks like the diagnosed of PLS isn't going away any time soon. I'm still pulling for BFCS, PNS (pinched nerve syndrome), or maybe I'm just some sort of nut case and everything is just in my head. Oh, wait! That would be PLS, wouldn't it? Zaphoon
  8. A

    please help

    Goodday, I've been having twitches for over 14 months. I guess it started with my left eye and then it went to my legs and so it spreaded. I think every muscle has twitched by now. I went to a neuro. 4 months ago. He did a clinical exam and diagnosed me with BCFS. But I have to say that the...
  9. Zaphoon

    bfcs vs pls

    The fasciculations and cramps in my calf muscles (both legs) have been cranking it up lately. This has led me to research the whole BFCS issue and it seems to me, I fit this bill to a "T". It could be that my hyperreflexia and Babinski problems are just flukes and I may not have PLS at all...