1. A

    Heartache + Betrayal = Heartache x 2

    Its been a long time since been here. Guess you can say I have been preoccupied. Last January in 2013 my mother asked I help her - Mom has ALS. She said my father (who never cooked or cleaned before) could not help much, and he is in his 80's. So, with my husbands blessing, I traveled from...
  2. B


    I'm looking for it. Can't find it. I was so betrayed when my husband passed that I had nightmare upon nightmare. I've tried to deal with overcoming the betrayal. Good Lord! I tried to reach out and make a new friend and it turns out the "friend" is a fake, a thug, a nutcase. She has lied...
  3. arkallen

    My Ugly Divorce

    I’m rattled. There’s no skirting the issue: my keyboard’s betrayal is shaking the core of my being. I just love typing, or I did; and for many months it has been a lifeline of communication. But too suddenly it's becoming a thing of the past. For a long time now I have been rolling along...
  4. B

    "The Beast"

    When will the Hurt end? Over the past year I have been keeping up with the lives of many ALS victims I have been encouraged and saddened by many experiences that I been exposed to — It is now time for me to share my story – I hope it can help encourage, prepare or comfort someone during their...