beginning symptoms

  1. K

    Twitching/ vibrating/humming

    So the beginning of this saga began 11 years ago with stroke. Lesion located on my left Thalamus/ brainstem. Right leg has constant burning, aching, pins & needles, feels like someone tapping my right foot. That’s past history. Approximately 5months ago my right foot began twitching, then...
  2. L

    strange sympthoms with ALS

    Hi everyone, I truly hope all the best to all of you and families. First sorry for my bad English I have the beginning symptoms of ALS about 6 months before , and diagnosed with ALS 1 months ago by EMG when I visited my neurologist (UMN and LMN he said). My scores ALSFRS-R is 46, only right...
  3. A

    ALS Concerns

    Hello all, I'll keep this short in case I'm in the wrong website. I've read the stickies here, my posting is fear driven because I'm not sure if my symptoms are relevant to ALS or not. I'm 48, prior US military, male, in generally good health but have high blood pressure/elevated cholesterol...
  4. G

    Very scared

    My symptoms go back About 1.5 years ago and never was scared up until 1.5 months ago. Some things may not even be related to eachother but I always add the just Incase it's a missing puzzle piece. The beginning symptoms seems much more tolerable then where I am as of today. Almost 2 years ago I...
  5. B

    Worried that I may have beginning symptoms of ALS

    Hello, I am a 26 year old female (4 months pregnant) and I am very worried I may have beg signs of ALS. First, both of my wrists feel weak, when I move my wrists up and down I feel an odd uneasy line of motion that affects both wrists in the same area. My grip is still strong and my hands feel...
  6. C

    Atrophy as 1st symptom?

    I am new to this forum, so I apologize if my question is repetetive. I am in the process of being tested for ALS. My initial symptoms were widespread muscle twitching - not horrible, just daily twitching in muscle groups all over my body (upper back, upper arms, calfs, thigh, buttock, etc)...
  7. T

    Asking all about beginning symptoms! (Please read)

    Did any of you first start experiencing your ALS in your leg, or foot? (Perhaps even arm/hands) If so, would you mind answering a few questions? 1.) how did your leg/foot FEEL? 2.) how long until you were no longer able to use/control that muscle? 3.) In the beginning, did you feel any weird...
  8. J

    To all those diagnosed, beginning symptoms

    Hi, I am just curious, to everyone who has been diagnosed, did you noticed symptoms well before you were diagnosed? Were you completely functional for a while with these strange symptoms? I ask because my biggest problem(s) right now seem to be 1) when I get sick-get intense nerve pain with...