1. Tomswife

    How to care for PALS who is bedridden

    I found a good article online. Zaggocare dot org How To Care for Someone Who Is Bedridden at Home
  2. B

    Unconscious after oxygen drop?

    My sister (diagnosed 7 years ago, bedridden, tube fed, ventilated, communication system) had an oxygen drop a couple of days ago. Doctors said there may have been irreversible damage. She has not responded to stimulation since. The fever has gone down just today. Her medical care directive...
  3. N

    Without mum

    So im here. Its been 10 days since mum died. Went to work this week. We did the 3 day memorial and then the 9 day memorial. House filled with people. Yet im missing mum. Especially at nights and mornings. The smiles the goodmornings her phonecalls to work. Strange i didnt miss it all this time...
  4. Jhettinger

    VETERAN Discussion Rating increase R1 to R2

    Looking for specific information on going from R1 to R2 Getting R1 was not hard, just told PVA rep and done R2 seems an struggle. Sent VA Dr Support Form VA FORM 21-2680 Examination for Regular Aid and Attendance, PVA requested letter 2. Got that, put in packet. VA sends me one inch thick...
  5. B

    Visiting my sister in last stages

    Hi. I am new here. My sister was diagnosed in 2011. She has been in a nursing home for the last three years. We live 6,000 miles apart. The last time I was able to visit was four years (and one college kid expenses) ago. The nursing home is very good and paid for by her disability pension...
  6. K

    Extending Hospital Stay

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you guys had any suggestions on extending a hospital stay. My dad is currently nearing the final stages. He is completely bedridden and has been on a trach for about six weeks. After the trach was done, Kaiser sent him to a subacute facility. However, the...
  7. O

    Genetic Testing

    I've asked this question before but want to see if anyone has new information. When I was going through the diagnostic process, the neuro I was seeing suggested genetic testing through the Athena Lab in the Boston area. (Think this lab has a new name now) The cost was about $35,000, so it was...
  8. N

    Upper neuron positive test.

    Hi , I will work my doctor to get to neuro asap. But until then I want to ask. Can you have a group of sign without having damage. I mean I had hyperreflexia withouth cremasteric and and abdominal reflex. Neuro told me I had upper neurone damage. But they found nothing. With experience can you...
  9. D

    Bipap and cough machine

    Hi all. Doing well, just one more question. Dad is using his trilogy vent mask with oxygen attached and alternating with his cough machine. He does this all day long. We give him anxiety medicine and he sleeps a little then goes right back to it. It is very tiring for Dad and me. I tried giving...
  10. Lkaibel


    Brian was diagnosed in June of 2016, and we have been so blessed that he has had little progression. Today though I was reminded that progression is real. I bought him a cane this summer for when the need arose. He mentioned that he would use it outdoors this winter (it will likely snow here...