1. Tomswife

    Bigger bedpan

    I never in my wildest nightmare imagined a post on a forum to share information about a bedpan. But I never had a nightmare about my husband with ALS. Its not a dream. Its a reality. It took me a while to find a bed pan large enough for a man. This one is definitely better than the...
  2. M

    How does a nightgown bedpan work?

    Could someone please explain "nightgown bedpan," how to use it, and post an image? I pee every 2.5 hours all night long and I will drive my spouse nuts if I wake him up each time. However, I have a feeling I'm not going to be "shuffling to the bathroom" (Tomswife's expression) any more, after...
  3. M

    Mom recently diagnosed

    Hello All, My name is Meaghan, and my mom Nancy was officially diagnosed with ALS in December by the Cleveland Clinic. We've had a scary few weeks, with her going into the hospital May 1 (trouble breathing), and coming out with a trach, Trilogy, and PEG tube (and all that comes with that-...
  4. T

    Frustrated with PALs learning he's not in control, I am.

    I'm finally able to log on again. Was having trouble but now I can. Anyway my hubby has to use the bedpan now to. He gets mad, but I cannot physically lift him anymore. He is too week. Legs collapse and I have been injured myself yesterday trying to lift him. I said no more, for safety he needs...
  5. R

    HHA needing suggestions

    Hi, I'm a CNA doing homecare for a lady that has ALS. I've been working with her for just about two months now. I'm not experienced with ALS patients at all and could use some suggestions. I work the night shift with her so her husband can get some sleep at night. He was doing it on his own up...
  6. D

    Design Student looking for insight

    Hello! I am a senior product design student from University of Illinois, and as a part of my thesis project, I am working on redesigning a bedpan. Both my parents are doctors, and thus I have seen the vast number of problems patients as well as caregivers face while using the bedpan. It is a...
  7. G

    How do I help mom with bedpan and still maintain dignity.

    This is my next challenge. Any tips on how to toilet, clean up and still keep her embarrassment to a minimum. I am a son helping my mom BTW.
  8. debsKK

    Used equipment for sale

    We recently lost our battle with ALS, my mother was a nurse and she made plans for her equipment to be sold to other PALS in need. I'll list it all here, whether it can be shipped, picked up, and the cost, shipping costs will vary, based on the cost of shipping to your location. I also have a...
  9. T

    CALS help PALS with bathroom

    My mom was diagnosed in March 2013. She is unable to walk and is quickly getting to the point where she cannot support any weight on her legs. We have been transferring her manually from her lift chair to toilet, but she is overweight and its becoming unsafe for her to continue to move her in...
  10. S

    symptom I haven't seen discussed

    Has anyone else gotten to the point where urination is problematical? I use a bedpan. Up until recently I haven't had any issues but now I have to wait a bit to get started and then the flow comes in spurts with starts and stops. I don't have any signs of a UTI. My nurse said it could be...