bed sores

  1. Tomswife

    Pressure ulcers. Bed sores

    My husband PALS is bedridden and cannot move on his own. We try to be diligent to prevent bed sores but perhaps they are inevitable at some point. I hope not. There is a lot of info on the internet on prevention and remedies. Here is one document, attached. And there is the USA National...
  2. Erika

    More changes as the end gets closer :(

    My mom has been sleeping most of the day since september 15 after a crisis with secretions and saliva where we used the coughing assist. She was able to stay awake for about the time when my brother came to visit about 10 days ago. :) But every day after that, its harder and harder for her to...
  3. E

    ALS equipment for sale - all Negotiable

    Good evening everybody We lost my father a couple weeks ago to ALS. We were lucky enough to get so many of the different types of equipment that a person could need. While me and my brother do need help with expenses (2 kids under 30 taking care of our dad on our own) we realize the absolute...
  4. Nuts

    Handling dead weight---crap!

    We've given up on standing transfers and as of this weekend are now either sliding or using the lift. Tonight it struck me just how bloody difficult it will be once he's truely dead weight. OMG! Just rolling him over to get the sling off was a struggle (he weighs over 200lbs). At his last PCP...
  5. W

    Adult Diapers

    Hi I am having trouble with adult diapers. Is there any comfortable ones out there? Also can you buy a regular foam mattress to use on a hospital bed. I have been in bed a few months and am starting with bed sores . I would appreciate any help.
  6. P

    Help Bed Sores

    My husband is in a nursing home for 2 months and now that I am bringing him home, I see that he has two bedsores on his tailbone. Help. We are living in a third world county and don't have all the facilities etc. I plan to leave his shorts off as much as possible to allow air to the area. I...
  7. P

    Never Felt So Helpless & Sad in my Life

    As I read the stories of all the people that are affected by this horrible disease, I can't hold back the tears. My husband, Frank, has had ALS since 2006, and it was a rapid ride downhill. He lost his voice first, had a G-tube within two months, and because he never signed his living will (I...
  8. W

    Seat Cushioning for Power wheel chair

    I am in the process of ordering a power wheel chair and want to know if anyone has any advice or experience about what I should be looking for in seat cushioning to prevent bed sores, which as I understand it can be a problem when you are in a power wheel chair for long periods of time.
  9. L

    Bed sores

    My mother has a bedsore near her tailbone, because she insists on being propped up on the couch and sitting instead of being in a hospital bed on her side at times during the day. She is skin and bones. She weighs 70 pounds maybe. The bedsore is getting worse because all that can be done is...
  10. notme

    Pressure Sores 101

    We are getting more and more new members lately, sadly, that are recently diagnosed. I know many people here already know this stuff, but hopefully, it will be of some use to the new people here. Pressure sores, also known as decubitus ulcers or bed sores, are sores that are found at or near...