bed sore

  1. S

    Condom Catheter

    For all my CALS who have knowledge (nurses) or have put on one of these cussed things, I need help. It is becoming harder -not a good choice of words - more difficult to put on Joe's condom cath. I've been using them for the last couple of months and all of a sudden, I'm having trouble not...
  2. P

    Help Bed Sores

    My husband is in a nursing home for 2 months and now that I am bringing him home, I see that he has two bedsores on his tailbone. Help. We are living in a third world county and don't have all the facilities etc. I plan to leave his shorts off as much as possible to allow air to the area. I...
  3. L

    Bed sores

    My mother has a bedsore near her tailbone, because she insists on being propped up on the couch and sitting instead of being in a hospital bed on her side at times during the day. She is skin and bones. She weighs 70 pounds maybe. The bedsore is getting worse because all that can be done is...
  4. L

    Annoyed with nurses.

    I am grateful for the hospice care. I truly am. However, every time I talk to my mom's nurse she says "things look good" and "she's doing good." No she's NOT. She's dying. All she can do is grunt. She can barely blink her eyes. She's developed a bed sore (I am surprised it's her first...
  5. dian_na

    mom came home

    My mom came home from the hospital last Wendesday. I fought with them because I could tell she wasn't well. They kept her one more night. They also stopped antibiotics last friday. Her white count at the time seemed to hover at 14. They think her infection is do to yeast on her butt. My mom does...
  6. A

    Hospice Care Abuse?

    My sister has ALS. She was diagnosed about 2 and 1/2 years ago. From everything I have read she may have anywhere from 6 months to 13 more years to live. The only part of her body that she can move is her left hand. I just finished reading "On Any Given Day" written by Joe Martin, a Bank of...
  7. C

    Gargle noise

    The night before last my husband starting making a gargling noise every time he took a breath in and a loud moan while breathing out. I was pretty freaked out, and awake most of the night. When he woke he said he was fine. I tried getting him to swallow and I raised the head of his bed up. Last...