1. L

    Adjustable queen size bed

    I have a fully adjustable queen size bed with cordless remote and battery backup for sale
  2. W

    CPAP/BiPAP battery

    Novuscell NC20000 battery, powers most CPAPs and BiPAPs for up to 24 hours per charge, slightly used. $50/best offer
  3. W

    Permobil M300 power chair

    Permobil M300 power chair features power tilt, power recline, power elevating legs, and power seat elevator; Roho seat cushion, new battery 2017, other add-ons. For tall person. New in 2012. $2,500 or best offer.
  4. JimInVA

    Air Compression Calf Massager

    Because of ALS, Darcey's legs often ache or itch. Her left leg, in particular, bothers her the most. She likes for me to push against her shin with the heel of my hand. She says that the pressure just feels good. My daughter has her rabbit staying with us. Darcey likes having the rabbit...
  5. L

    Mods to RV

    While my work may have limited use for other PALS, hopefully someone will benefit. I purchased the specific RV with it's 8 x 12 ft garage for its adaptability. I removed the two queen beds, but kept the electric lift. In the first picture, I have installed a twin bed with electric leg and...
  6. H

    Seeking Guidance (Again)

    I had sought guidance in June and received helpful feedback. I have an update and would appreciate any thoughts. I am a 65-year-old male. In mid-2016, I started to have swallowing issues with food occasionally stuck in my throat. I also started to have intermittent issues where my speech...
  7. K

    Extreme dysphagia, diagnosed with "unspecified autoimmune", would like some input

    Extreme dysphagia, diagnosed with "unspecified autoimmune", would like some input I have done the math, and I'm a statistician - getting diagnosed with ALS is extremely rare. For someone like me, younger than 30 (I am 29), it's even more rare. On top of that, "bulbar onset ALS" is an additional...
  8. J

    Van for sale

    2011 Toyota Sienna for sale in the Lansing MI area. The van is in excellent running order. Nearly new brakes, tires, battery, wiper blades, charcoal air filter. The three recalls have been addressed. The price is certainly negotiable. If you would like to see more about it, my son-in-law has...
  9. T

    ALS confirmed after 2nd battery of tests

    My brothers neurologist confirmed Duke University's ALS dx after 2nd battery of tests. His doctor completed the ALS questionnaire for the VA. He then submitted it to his PVA Rep who informed him today to expect his 1st check in November! They're going to schedule an appt w/ a doc at the VA in...
  10. C

    Had Neuro Appointment Questions

    All, I am a 50 year old male. I have read the stickys and appreciate you all being here. I have had twitching, primarily in right buttock, hamstring and right arm, but am having them in other areas as well, just not as frequent. I have not been able to do a standing calf lift on my right leg...