1. S

    27 Year Old Male please read

    Hi y’all thank you for taking the time out to read this ... I have been living in fear for almost 3 years and I feel like I have to post here now .. My worries Started back 2.5 years ago when I had body wide twitching.. since then I started to notice how sometimes I slur a word or 2.. Since that...
  2. M

    Worrying issues for three months

    Male, aged 39. It all started three months with twitching. The twitching since then has stayed the same. In all muscle groups, just a few here and there all the time. By month two I started getting cramps, mostly biceps and hamstrings, not full blown cramps but pre cramp feeling. Also in...
  3. wishmobbing

    International Division of Grief

    The good memories of my boyfriend are something I cherish, his weaknesses and quirks are something to chuckle about with friends. I'm a happy and pretty much trigger-free widow. Except when one of our PALS here takes leave. That always pulls the rug from under me and I howl like a hound. I...
  4. S

    Hi! Back again- scared more

    I posted in september regarding body wide twitches and thumb pain. Now i still have twitches, big one, small one, ones inside my ears. But my thumb pain has returned.(its more of a stinging sharp pain, that also appears when I exhale.) I am scared. I am seeing PCP tomorrow. I am afraid he would...
  5. S

    Rough time, symptomatic and looking for some help.

    *after writing this, I see I am just regergitating all the symptoms I have been having and it lead to a long post. My intention is to let you know what ALL is going on when we all know there is probably just specific symptoms that I am focusing on for this forum.* Thanks for reading this long...
  6. C

    Right arm weakness

    I am 22 years old, with a recent history of extreme health anxiety. I recently moved back home, and started a job on night shift working 70 hours a week. Ever since I started working nights, which is the first time I’ve ever worked nights, I noticed my left eye twitches almost non stop. My...