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    Please read this - serious now and I think I know what's caused it

    Hi. Please bear with me here. I am 39, male. Weight trained very seriously since 16 and in the summer weighed about 250lb. I have always been in perfect health until this year. Back in August I started getting muscle twitches randomly across my body and pretty bad fatigue, along with tight...
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    Resources for relatives living abroad

    Hello, I was not sure whether to make a new post or to post on a previous one on teens, but I think that living away changes the experience quite a lot so I figured it would be helpful to open a new thread. As some of you know, my father was diagnosed with PLS. I am from Spain, where he still...
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    bulbar symptoms?

    Hi all, I'm a 33 yo female and have been fearing ALS for about 10 months now, since I started twitching all over my body. 8 months ago I had an EMG in my right arm and leg, came back normal. 6 months ago I felt like I was having difficulty speaking so I went to my neurologist and he cleared me...
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    cold or flu with ALS is terrible!

    this is the second time this year I've been down and out. The worst part is the breathing is extremely strained. that is nothing new and I have never used bipap or trilogy. I'm getting antibiotics tonight and so far my regimen is Musinex, breathing treatments with the mask and smoke stuff...
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    Abnormal EMG/Twitching- Any hope?

    Hi all, sorry for the long post but need to get it out... I have been lurking for a few weeks now. I have had twitching- mainly in the calves/thighs/butt- for 2-3 weeks now. Had been mainly in my quad next to my knee but rarely it twitches there now. Legs are pretty much non stop at rest...
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    Please help

    hello, about a month ago i started to experience twitching in my right calf, the next day it spread to my thigh. A month has now passed and it ALL over my body tounge, back whatever, i cant think of a place it hasn't been. i dont get tired and ive lost some weight. I also started noticing that...
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    Please Help. Hopeless

    I have had constant twtiching in both calves for going on 3 months. i also have twitching randomly all over my body including my tongue. all the muscles twitch at rest and when i get up to walk or move around my calves stop twitching. i get radnom ones in arms, hands, tongue ( at rest ), butt...
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    Back from the neuro

    Hi everyone, so I saw the Neuro and he performed the emg and physical on me. Physical was normal and he said my emg was normal. Ncv found wrist and ulnar damage, elbow damage specifically. Just said don't lean on your elbow as much. He didn't bother to do my legs or back not sure why? And...
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    Looking for positivity.

    Hello all. I am here because i have been getting few answers or maybe I git the one i needed but my anxiety wont accept it. I have been having fasciculations which started in my calves, 2 weeks ago now i get them basically anywhere at anytime. I also have lost a couple lbs but that could be...
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    IMPORTANT 911 Training for ALS - Please Review & Comment

    A couple years back, my first ever 911 call went poorly: they had no protocol for pALS. That 'incentivized' me to get 911 aware, so I contacted my local 911 authority and began a discussion. The attached is the first-pass result of my two years of encouragement. Please read it. Please comment.