back support

  1. KimT

    Rollator recommendations

    Even though I can still walk, I can't walk far. I went to a medical supply store to find a rollator. We now only have one store in town and they have quite a markup plus very limited choices. I'm looking for: 1. Extremely light weight and easy to fold 2. back support and seat 3. place to...
  2. A

    Help with adult diaper

    I know just typing that seems ridiculous but I do really need help with this, and fast. I feel like I should apologize for calling it a diaper but calling it a disposable brief might be confused with a pull-up type garment and this is not that type. My PALS can no longer hold his head or...
  3. N

    Shower chair with back support cushion

    Shower chairs do not come with back support cushion. I created a very comfortable shower chair with back support cushion. I would like to recommend you all. -purchase a regular outdoor chair cushion; 4” thickness -purchase a vacuum seal storage bag; medium size Put the outdoor chair cushion in...
  4. L

    Lower Back Support Belt -- Anyone tried one?

    Hi everyone, I'm curious if anyone has ever used one of those lower back support belts. On an MRI a few months ago, it showed that all my lower spinal muscles were infiltrated by fat as a result of denervation. So rather than looking like a nicely marbled ribeye steak, mine look like pure...
  5. karla r

    Pc evaluation

    Hi, all. Need some advice, if anyone has some to share. Had the power chair evaluation yesterday. She said I qualified. However, she said she knew she could get back recline. She also said she did not want to ask for leg elevation, but a fixed foot, because of the space. I told her I wanted it...
  6. karla r


    Question... I seem to have gained a few inches in my waist, lower tummy, although I have actually lost about 15 lbs in 2 months. I also am having trouble not being.. Umm.. Humped for the lack of a better word, when sitting without back support, or standing. Normal, or something I should bring up...
  7. W

    Supplies for free

    I have some supplies that I am wondering if any one can use. Shiley inner cannula about 8 of them Sterile suction cath 14 fr packaged with two gloves about 30 packs Kanagroo gravity feeding bags eight of those Kanagroo pump bags 10 Hoyer lift sling mesh full body never used Hoyer lift sling...
  8. G

    Recognising FTD/ALS

    Hi, My mum has been diagnosed with ALS for 10 weeks now, and in this space we have gone from being relatively mobile, able to go up the stairs slowly to now where we have a stairlift and all movement outside the house is in a wheelchair. It is progressing very quickly. I have noticed some...
  9. H

    Back support ssytem

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what my wife can use for a back support system. We've tried a couple of different cervical collars, like the soft collar and the Headmaster. Her problem is back related, not just neck support. Any suggestions?
  10. S

    Toilet Seat and Bipap

    Dear Friends, I'm so happy to ask you all about raised toilet seats. I need one with better back support any suggestions please ? I'm also using a ResMed VPAP it is meeting my needs at the moment, is there other better equipment available ? Thanks Shane