assisted suicide

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    I wonder

    Just read the assisted suicide post and found it sad, one because a love one wants to die and the other has to feel guilty for the love one. As a caregiver I am always glad that I have helped Gary though all stages,( gary has had ALS for over 8 years probably more like 11 years). He has...
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    Assisted suicide

    Well, we had our family reunion and it was wonderful. It made Dick so happy and everyone was so loving and caring. Today the hospice social worker came and Dick asked her about assisted suicide. It is legal in Oregon. There is an advocacy group in Portland who will help with it. They locate a...
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    losing the will to live

    My husband is tired and feeling ill all the time. He was given provigil to take only when he needs the extra energy for a special event because the affect wears off if you use the drug a lot. He can't take rilutek because of side effects so he is on niacin for cholosterol and lexapro for...