assisted suicide

  1. S

    Doctor assisted suicide

    My dad keeps saying he doesnt want to wake up. He hates that he cant do anytjing but is refusing almost all interventions (peg, walker, scooter, wheelchair, etc... he does have a bipap and cough assist but only uses it about 5 hours at night instead of most of the day as per dr). We keep trying...
  2. D

    Dangerous loopholes in "aid in dying" laws

    I do not come out on either side of the suicide or physician-assisted suicide issue, but I do staunchly support the right of PALS to be fully informed about their prognosis and treatment options. Indeed, in every debate concerning physician assisted suicide, all sides agree that the patient...
  3. J

    Calf and Tongue Twitching

    Hello! I'm a 25 yo man who thinks has ALS. All my life I have had fasciculations, since I was a child I always enjoyed watching and feeling them (arms, legs, face, abdomen, etc). 8 months ago I noticed weird fasciculations in my left calf and tremors in my tongue. Widespread fasciculations in my...
  4. O

    ALS, alcholism, and suffering

    Husband has been an alcoholic, has bulbar als, i thought it might be ok for him to have a drink now, since it makes him feel better, and helps him eat. Now i think I've made a mistake. I just dont want him to suffer any more and was willing to let him have whatever he wanted. But when i go to...
  5. canmark

    Canadian Supreme Court allows doctor-assisted suicide in specific cases

    CBC: Supreme Court allows doctor-assisted suicide in specific cases
  6. canmark

    End of life decisions

    Last fall, the CBC did a very interesting series on people making end-of-life decisions. It was called Last Right. Recently, this was in the news in Canada: Lawyers want Supreme Court to view man’s dying plea for assisted suicide law
  7. M

    Massachusetts approves marijuana but turns away assisted

    Massachusetts approves of medical marijuana: Massachusetts voters approve ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana - Massachusetts narrowly turns assisted suicide away:
  8. K

    The Fifth Estate CBC TV

    On Friday night the Fifth Estate and Canadian Investigative show is airing the story of a British Columbian women who last spring won the right for an assisted suicide through the Provinical courts. Although her win is being appeal to the Federal courts she did continue with an assisted suicide...
  9. mysisterskeeper

    My sis and I had the biggest arguement ever

    We really got into it. Last week the hospice doctor came for his visit and we talked about how much she has been biting her tongue and the knot that has formed. He told us to use a swab of chloroseptic for the pain. He also told us to be careful not to get it on her throat or spray her throat...
  10. M

    New lease on life for assisted suicide debate

    New lease on life for assisted suicide debate New lease on life for assisted suicide debate | Canada | News | Toronto Sun