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    Brand New Free Equipment

    Ironically, the VA delivered the power chair and the assisted speech device from TalkToMe Techologies yesterday and Tom passed away yesterday evening. So...I have a Permobil M300 Power Chair and an assisted speech device that have never been used. The assisted speech device can be used with your...
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    Help find a sub acute skilled nursing facility

    Help! My brother is in the final stages of ALS. He needs a fully staffed 24/7 sub acute care facility. He has a trach. and is on a ventilator 24/7. He also has a G-tube. The doctor says if he doesn't get a respiratory infection, he could live for years. He is currently at a wonderful facility in...
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    Undiagnosed Bulbar Symptoms

    Hi, First, thanks for the Forum. I have spent a while over the last few months checking out the posts here. This is a very useful site, I have spent 3 years trawling the net for info. We are interested in talking to anyone who has similar symptoms to my hubby Dave. Dave has an undiagnosed...