1. A

    Just a little concerned

    Hi there everyone, I'm a little bit nervous to post this, naturally, and do want to say I hope I'm not upsetting anyone in doing so. The people on here seem absolutely amazing and I'd be appreciative of anyone to give me their personal opinion on this. Thank you so much in advance. Most...
  2. K

    Optimal living situation- financially, emotionally, spiritually etc

    My pALS is my mom. She is newly diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS. As of now her mobility is not impacted too much, just her speech, swallowing and breathing. We have been discussing living arrangements as her mobility and breathing decline. Other pALS out there, what did you decide? Did you...
  3. B

    Christian faith and hope in song.

    It’s nice to share spiritual things one finds meaningful in and to their life. The following song was sung during a live-streamed service on the computer. Finding it meaningful, I thought you may also. The illustrations are lovely. Scan and paste the code into the address and Enter. Turn...
  4. H

    Help! 18 years old terrified of ALS

    Hello. I am an 18 year old and am scared that I might have ALS. I've been experiencing twitches in my body for 2 months now that came with shaky legs. This got better, and the twitches continue, but i discarded them as benign because they stop when I move, etc. I went to a neuro who did regular...
  5. A

    New to site

    Received mnd/als dx in dec/2015. Began in spring 2015 during tennis and bike ridingwith left foot drop and gait and balance problems and fatigue. After seeing multiple docs, went to neurologist, had EMG kand was told I had mnd. At that point was using cross country sticks to help with balance...
  6. G

    PEG tube holder

    Hi all, my first forum post... just joined today. I had a PEG tube installed while undergoing throat cancer treatment. No ALS, but this appears to be the most vigorous PEG tube forum I found. Anyway, after the initial surgical pain had subsided (about 1.5 weeks), I was bothered by the weight...
  7. S


    I am a fiber artist, recently diagnosed with 'probable' ALS, and am finding myself so very bored, mentally. I need some suggestions and help.
  8. affected

    eva so lonely without u

    Having a real 'missing Chris' time lately. For some reason I went onto you tube and was listening to some music from an artist I have enjoyed since the 90's. I played a fair bit of her music while Chris was actively dying - it went so well with candles at night to keep a beautiful feeling...
  9. adozi

    Eyewriter - DIY eye gaze technology

    I don't know if i or anyone has posted about this here. The eyewriter is an eye gaze camera that you can make for about $50. Software is open source (free ) and doesn't require you to get a certain computer. Looks pretty neat. It was developed for a graffiti artist who has ALS. More info is at...
  10. H

    A video of my husband

    This was a video of him before his diagnosis... When I first met him. The song seems so poignant now. Thought I would share. stranger I love him so much.