1. S

    sadly we had to Go to the Police

    Well after changing the locks and leaving a note asking to respect our Privacy My poor Daughter stopped to say Hi to her Grandmother and 5 mins later her uncle ( My late wife liz's brother) showed up and started screaming at her and telling her that She was horrible for treating her grandma like...
  2. S

    very complex situation

    Hello - My wife, whom we suspected had bulbar ALS for months but she refused any intervention, was "leaving me" and packed her bags. Before she left she call 911 and she had herself removed from our home. She put an abuse charge against me with Adult Protective Services, while at the hospital...
  3. krnNdug

    Yosemite, Vegas, Death Valley, PCH, Morro Bay vacation

    We just finished a fun, but very tiring, vacation. I always wanted to take my wife to Yosemite, I wish it didn't take ALS to get us there, but it did, finally. My sister and her family joined us, our kids and grandkids for a terrific trip. It can be a challenge to do what each of 17 people want...
  4. Will

    Arrested Progression.

    After 2 1/2 years of ALS with no progression beyond the original presentation, our ALS doc said the Jim had 'arrested' ALS which is very rare. He does have the weakness, fasics, etc that originally brought him to ALS, but they have not progressed beyond the original diagnosis state! (legs, feet...
  5. Jason's Dream

    My heart needs a break. :(

    In between his family being horrible, and all the drama, and then all I need to get done and all... and now.. RIP, my cousin, Jimmy. Please think positive thoughts for my family, as they aren't sure if it was a suicide or a murder. As the guy he was with, has been arrested. He was only 27. I...
  6. B

    He's been indicted! Yes!

    This is the guy that was "interviewed" on 60 minutes and confronted by pALS. This is the guy I spoke with way back when my husband was first diagnosed (upon a referral from a friend of my husband). And you thought Willy was slick! This guy is slicker than a greased pig...
  7. D

    West PA Former ALS director arrested on charges of stealing $80,000

    B*stard busted today. He damn well better not get a slap on the wrist. This is ALS group my area. And they are having big conference tomorrow. Makes me feel bad asking friends to support. West PA Former ALS director arrested on charges of stealing $80,000
  8. Pandora

    Found this today, How awful!

    [B]Disability Advocates Arrested On Capitol HIll Nearly 100 disability advocates were arrested Monday evening on Capitol Hill as they protested against proposed changes to Medicaid which they said would force people with disabilities to live in institutions. The 91 arrested were among about...
  9. J

    health care cost

    Just read in my local paper that the state of Alabama spent $93 million on prisoner health care last year. I just briefly researched nursing home care to find that I would have to sell most of our assets and his life insurance to qualify him for Medicaid. Something seems wrong with this...
  10. A

    Predictive Homeopathy

    Hi All, I came across a 2-yr old (18th feb 2007) post in an orkut ALS/MND forum by someone whose Mother was diagnosed with MND. She mentioned that they are trying Homeopathic treatment. She also mentioned that the homeopathic treatment seems to have arrested the progress. I sent her a message...