1. B

    What is FTD?

    Well, I had been reading up on it as well as its subcategories. It seems thar FTD and ALS are linked genetically or by a protein. The thing is, FTD/MND is almost predominantly associated with the behavioural variant of FTD (BvFTD) and not usually the PPA variant (progressive aphasia) that causes...
  2. P

    Tobii I-15 Computer w/ Eye Gaze Technology

    This was my mother-in-law's computer, brand new spring 2014. She only used it a handful of times. It is a Tobii I-15 with Windows and EyeGaze communication software that speaks for the patient. Includes a library of common phrases and subjects that makes simple communication quick and easy...
  3. 1

    My husband officially diagnosed 9/3/13

    My wonderful, kind and gentle spirited husband began having some difficulty with his voice, tone became quiet and soft when we were praying together, he said it was allergies, later he told me he didn't know what it was and didn't want to scare me as my first husband died 10 years ago and we...
  4. 1

    So many questions!

    My husband was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia on 6/28 after I began noticing first a change in the tone of his voice and the slurred speech and it seemed difficulty finding the words. We saw a local neurologist and received this diagnosis then to UPMC Pittsburgh where he was...
  5. D

    FOR SALE: Dynavox Maestro - Perfect Condition

    The Maestro may be appropriate for people who: *Are looking for a device that comes standard with a camera and Wi-Fi. *Would like a lightweight and stylish device with speakers that can be heard in a crowded room. *Are learning and/or who have mastered language, literacy and communication...
  6. W

    I went to a new specialist today

    I went to an Alzheimer's disease/frontotemporal dementia specialist at the UT medical school today (my ALS/PLS specialist referred me). He is a neurologist and a psychiatrist. My wife and I were in the examining room with him for almost three hours. To make a long story short, in addition...
  7. S

    PBP advice needed

    Earlier I had posted that my mother had either PBP or Primary Progressive Aphasia, although she still does not have a clear diagnosis due to negative EMGs, I feel she has PBP. After reading everyone else's signs and symptoms on this forum I am convinced she has PBP. It started in May 08 with...
  8. olly

    info for hoping

    By the mid-1990s there had been more or lessa consensus view that PLS could be recognizedclinically if the other conditions were excluded, that thesyndrome was more slowly progressive than ALS itself,that it was almost never familial or associated withdementia, and that onset was after age 40...
  9. MtPockets

    Does Neurontin lead to ALS?

    Does anyone know of anyone studying this drug Neurontin as related to causing MND ALS? Here are a few quotes I have found: It is given commonly for nerve injury to reduce the pain and the company that makes it states that it does not know how it works. But somehow it stops the nerves from...