1. T

    Afraid I have ALS, 15 years old.

    Hi, I made a post maybe 4-5 months ago about me having fasciculations. 4 months later I am still having them. They are body wide, come and go and only last for a few seconds. It can jump from part of my body day to day, like one day my thumb, then my ankle, face, then maybe repeat the pattern...
  2. D

    Can this be ALS?

    Hi all, I have read many threads about ALS on this forum and finally have decided to post mine. I am 33 years old and 3 weeks ago I have had a virus based enteritis with mild fevers lasting for 4 days. After I have recovered from it, I started to feel strange weakness in my left leg. When I...
  3. KimT

    History of Fascilulations/twitching question

    These twitches began in the foot of my weak ankle about 8 months ago. They weren't constant but they became constant in December. A month later they started in my calf of the atrophied and weak leg. Intermittently, I'm getting them in other areas on my left side including thigh and butt and a...