1. S

    Chelation UK

    Hi all, I am having my amalgam fillings removed next week. They are made of 50% mercury and which is known to be a potent neurotoxin. I therefore then need to remove all mercury from my system. The best way to do this is using chelation therapy. My dentist says he can't help me, and I have...
  2. S

    Amalgam Metal Fillings

    Hello all, I have been reading Eric is Winning, and he says that the cause of ALS can be found in the 50% mercury content in amalgam fillings. That the onset and length of ALS term depends on the amount of amalgam fillings we have and how long we have had them for. I have ALS, am 52 and have...
  3. KatieNBoyd

    Removing fillings and Chelation

    I didn't know if this falls to this category or in Other.. I want to know if any PALS have have done the Chelation therapy? And if you have had your amalgam fillings removed? We went to the NaturoPathic Doc today to get the results of the Chelation. He is showing high levels of Mercury 55 and...
  4. L

    It was either MMN or ALS

    Hello, 2013 has been the worst year of my life, up until recently. My father passed a bit more than a decade ago, he had been diagnosed with ALS. His older sister a few years before, her progression was really quick. Their mother also had a diagnosis of ALS 30 years before of which she fought it...
  5. T

    Hi everyone - from India

    Warm greetings I'm Ravi from India I was hard and smart working Manager in a big Bank i have 5 year old daughter she's my strength and inspiration i'm 33yrs and symptoms started in 2005 (at 27yrs) but from 2008 condition rapidly deteriorated i'm completely dependent As in many cases...
  6. T

    Mercury amalgam fillings

    Has anyone had any success by removing their mercury amalgam fillings and then doing a heavy metal detox? I would think it would result in relief.
  7. BethU

    why don't researchers care about toxins?

    Not that I am one of the amalgam nuts ... to the contrary, I think most of that is a bunch of hooey ... but it is my understanding that where science currently stands on the cause of ALS is that it is three genes behaving badly along with some environmental triggers. I signed the forms to...
  8. Zaphoon

    Your One In A Million - Baby!

    Or as some articles read, 1 in 10 million! PLS is rare, in any case. Someone approached me at church on Sunday and asked if I didn't mind telling her what my illness is called. I told her it is PLS, the better half of ALS. She asked if I had any amalgam fillings ever put on my teeth. She...
  9. BethU

    LOST Horizon

    The sun first lights the highest peak in this part of the Himalayas five minutes before the lower peaks start to turn rosy with dawn and an hour before the shafts of morning light touch the shadowed valley below. In a sacred cave in the highest peak, the Great Mystic Rhm Bo opens his...
  10. S

    are you sure this is not contagious?

    my mom's mom had pbp at 71 & my mom 56 her pbp started in november after an amalgam filling in her already metal tooth covers that she had from the 70's. after my mom got diagnosed a few months ago i've been having twitches in thigh, shoulder [but i would always hit them and they would go away]...