alzheimer disease

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    Alzheimer disease

    My mom is suffering from Alzheimer disease from a long time can anybody know a best Alzheimer care center with reasonable cost.
  2. tdamess

    feedback please i am getting hopes on this one

    hi , all just had a friend tell me about this any one know anything or have thoughts Serdaxin(R) Serdaxin is presently in clinical development for Major Depressive Disorder, and may work as a dual enhancer of serotonin and dopamine in the brain through a novel mechanism of action. In Rexahn's...
  3. L

    Co-Mingling Conditions: Parkinsonism in Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrigs

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if any of you had Parkinsonism type symtoms along with your ALS. Please see the article below. Lynn Co-Mingling Conditions: Parkinsonism in Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s 19 September 2009. One of the challenging features of neurodegenerative diseases...