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    ALSGA Fundraiser in GA

    ALSGA is having a fundraiser in Thomaston, GA in honor of veterans with ALS (vALS). T-shirts are being made that list the names of vALS. Here is the link if anyone has the ability to donate: Here is the link to contact Lisa, if you would like to add a...
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    Mike shannon - why?

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    Alsga grant requests - red alert!

    ALSGA GRANT REQUESTS - RED ALERT! I just discovered that the ALSGA site was hacked. For at least the past month, those submitting grant requests have not been receiving my email response. If this has happened to you, please call me at 949-233-3045. Everything has been fixed.
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    Total net online donations for the period of june 14 - july 14

    Total net online donations to ALSGA for the period of June 14 - July 14 were $203.88. Outlays for the same period were about $33000.00.
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    Air conditioning grants rising with the temperature

    ALSGA has filled 14 requests for air condtioning units so far this month. We sure could use some help.
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    Total net donations to alsga

    TOTAL NET DONATIONS TO ALSGA for the past month, May 9 - June 8, via PayPal came to $19.04.
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    For those not on F B, Stu posted this today. Peter was ten years old and wanted to play little league baseball. His old baseball glove was falling apart an was beyond repair. Peter's dad had ALS and the family was struggling financially. Food, rent, and utilities are essential. Baseball gloves...
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    Are you living in a FOG?

    Call 1-800-FOG-CLEAR! Seriously, I'm an idiot! I'm a perfectionist and I'm not doing my job well at all! I'm so scattered, I cannot focus and when faced with an obstacle, I start shaking. WHAT? I went to ship two items to pALS today. One, I had a prepaid label from the ALSGA, the other I...
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    If you are in my area, have been a member of this forum for a while and can arrange for pick-up, you can have any of these items for free: Panasonic Freedom Toughbook with EZ Keys software (Words+) and Jellybean switch BiPap - Respironics S/T model Suction machine (never used) SmartNav4, by...
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    To anyone who has equipment that was paid by your love ones insurance and you are financially able you can donate them to the mda als loaner closets or alsga. I have been helped by them so many times.I am so thankful to all who donated eguipement that my insurance wouldn't pay for Its a tax...