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    My dad's progessive weakness - concerning?

    Hi all, I'm a 25 year old male from Detroit and my dad is 53 years old. This post is about my dad. Background info: my dad has plenty of other health problems that make weightlifting harder for him, including arthritis in his knees, a bone spur in his back which causes a lot of pain and some...
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    Clonus and subclonus in ALS

    ...apology, maybe that was million times mentioned, bot not that way i am looking for. since there's noone arround me to ask to, i ask experienced: i have SUBclonus (as my neuro wrote), not clonus in my right foot. i have no babinski. others are 3+. my subclonus is worsening, and it is now, as...
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    CACNB4 mutation

    Hello everyone. I come back with an update about genetic test. They found CACNB4 gene mutations on my father with CACNB4 variants: NM_001330115,: exon6,: c.G518A,: p.R173Q, Chr2. That's a autosome dominant and I'm 75% able to carry a mutant. I'm currently waiting for my own genetic test results...